Friday, September 9, 2016

Weekly Spending Report (8/29-9/4)

Documenting my weekly spending reminds me of where we're going over, staying on track, and generally keeps me more accountable for my daily choices. They really do add up! Here's how things went on the long weekend:

  • Monday, 8/29
    • $420 - nanny
    • $300 - gravel for some landscaping work at our vacation house. My dad & his crew did the work, so this was the cost of the supplies.
  • Tuesday, 8/30
    • $49.26 - dinner out for a school fundraiser
  • Wednesday, 8/31 - No spend day
  • Thursday, 9/1
    • $15.99 - shoe repair. Had the heel replaced on one of my two go to work shoes (other shoes had the heel replaced earlier in the summer). Much cheaper than a new pair of shoes.
    • $407.32 - four flights for a trip to Seattle/Portland in February. We will combine a bunch of things (kids birthdays, ski trip, as well as re-evaluating the Seattle area while we are there, and seeing our old house. I haven't been back since we moved!) I used a $500 credit on the airline from a previous snafu. 
  • Friday, 9/2
    • $12 - Tylenol. I was sick & had a high fever, so M stopped by the store to pick this up.
    • $5.49 - Trader Joes. We were out of parmesan cheese & I was in the middle of dinner. Normally, we are much better prepared!
  • Saturday, 9/3
    • $10.73 - Costco, lunch at the food court
    • $26.99 - a bottle of wine to take to dinner
    • $187.17 - groceries at Costco, including a huge stock up of meat
    • $14.99 - socks for Sam, who can now wear adult socks!
    • $22.99 - plastic gloves for M, who likes to wear these when he's working with raw meat (grilling, etc)
    • $45 - a sitter for date night
    • $65.46 - dinner out for myself & M (date night!)
  • Sunday, 9/4
    • $36 - entry fee for 4 to the local water park
    • $15.58 - fruit for smoothies at the produce stand. I flash froze all of this & stuck it in the freezer
Total spent = $1634.97! A very expensive week between the gravel, the flights, and more eating out & entertainment than usual. What about you? How did you do with your weekly spending? 


  1. All I seem to do is go to the grocery stores for food and pick up prescriptions at Rite-Aid. This weeks groceries will include canning supplies as well so will be higher than I like to see.

    We did have some eating out $ spent on Take-Out last weekend for $38. With 4 adults now it's not cheap to do this so we are doing it less often or waiting until Daughter and the BF go out(on their own dime)and then Hubs and I will get Chinese or a sandwich.

    I do need a planting pot for my gardenia bush and I am trying to find a deal somewhere....I missed the 75% off gardening supplies at R-A so I'll look elsewhere for a clearanced one.

    1. It is so expensive! We took a bonus kid to dinner with us after a late soccer practice, & even that made a significant cost difference. I like your plan of waiting until your daughter is already out. ;-)

      Given our unknown move status, it means no stocking up on gardening stuff (or otherwise, really). Although, M is strangely obsessed with buying car detailing supplies & has been detailing the cars every weekend. His hobby. ;-)

  2. Packed lunches this week, no eating out, and I think we'll sneak a bite in at home before wine club, so even that should be relatively cheap. We had the expenses last week with all the school expenses popping up.

    1. Wine club is on my to do list when the kids get older. Love it!