Friday, September 16, 2016

Five things Friday

Yeah for the end of the week. It's Friday! Here's a random collection of things from my week, for your enjoyment. ;-)

  1. I managed to use the last of my dried cranberries making these scones (highly recommend). I have a list of food I'm tackling from the pantry here. I've also used the poppy seeds, most of the nutella, some of the quinoa, and have plans for the orzo tonight. Woohoo! The lemons remain an ongoing struggle/opportunity. :-)
  2. I'm working from home today, so I made a healthy breakfast from things laying around in the fridge (a piece of lavosh, an egg, a smidge of shredded cheese leftover from taco night, and a few golden grape tomatoes from the garden). Yum.
  3. I need to prep for my trip (fly out on Tuesday). It's going to be everything from a high of 60 & rainy (London), to a high of 80 (Tokyo). It's going to be pretty challenging to pack. :-) I also need to get all of my carpooling, nanny & scheduling stuff worked out in advance.
  4. I have to pay the boys soccer club fees for the fall season. It's not cheap - $1770 (that's the price for both).
  5. Our nanny continues to be a challenge. And, work is a challenge right now, and it's not a good combination.
And with that, I'm off! What about you? What are some random things happening in your world this Friday? 

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