Sunday, September 18, 2016

Soccer, soccer, & more soccer

Sam is playing in his own State Cup qualifying game this afternoon, and then this evening is helping out another team (one age division up) with their state qualifying match at 5:30. It's supposed to be 90 for the earlier game. Yikes. Yesterday it was 90 & all of the boys were wrecked by the end of their match.

Nick is out of town camping, and is by far our picky eater. It's always very hard to eat out with Nick, so Sam asked if we could go out to dinner to a restaurant of his choosing yesterday. Who can say no? ;-) We went out to Thai food - he loved the curry, satay, pad thai, etc. He was less of a fan of the eggplant, but I feel similarly.

My handsome date!

There were a few splurges yesterday,in addition to dinner out with our cutie. . . Three of my toenails are purple from my relay, so I got a pedicure yesterday & painted them a deep plum. It blends in perfectly. ;) I've been going without any polish on my toes, so it's quite a change. We also took Sam out to lunch yesterday (I ate at home for health reasons, as well as financial ones). And, I picked up new running socks at the Nike outlet.

But, I did sell $8 worth of kids books on my local FB group. Super easy & fast. I also paid cash for my pedicure, as you save 5% over using a credit card.

Today we have the following our list:

  1. Yoga
  2. Water the plants (x2, so hot!)
  3. Sam's 1st game
  4. Sam's 2nd game
  5. Nick getting dropped off after his camping trip
  6. Finish working out details of weekday/nanny/carpool schedule while I'm gone.
  7. Make dinner early (calzones with salad), so either M can heat them up while I'm at Sam's 2nd game, or I can do it while he's at the game. 
  8. Pack lunches
  9. Laundry. Why is this such a never ending challenge?
  10. Produce stand
  11. Build calendar/schedule for the weekend I'm gone, for M
  12. Create a list of meal options for M while I'm gone
  13. Costco (moved over from yesterday)
  14. Call my parents :-) 
  15. Read my book for at least 15 minutes outside. In the shade!
And, that's it! How about you? Anything fun happening in your world? Hope it's a relaxing & productive (can those two things go together? Maybe?) day.


  1. Wow, that is super hot still. Cooling off now here on Vancouver Island - the maple leaves are starting to change colour

    1. It's finally starting to cool off today. Hopefully it sticks. 70 degrees is fab. . . 90? Not so much. :-)

  2. Cute picture!! Laundry is never ending. We are having friends over for the Vikings Packers game tonight. We are huge Vikings fans and they are huge Packers fans.

    1. Oh goodness, the laundry. Yes, somehow it just never ends no matter how efficient & on top of it I am. ;-)

  3. Your date is very handsome!
    When you figure out the solution to the never ending laundry battle please let us all know. We no longer have kids at home and I still am at war with it.

    1. Oh my! I thought for sure it would be solved when the kids left the house!

  4. Super sweet picture and he has quite a palate. Hot for September here as well-near 80.

    1. He was a great date, actually. Next up we may try sushi. I'm not a fan, but M loves it.

  5. You two make a cute couple! I loved it when the kids were that young, and still wanted to spend time with me (let alone have their picture taken with me).

    Re. laundry: Its never been my favorite chore by a long shot, so I've always made sure that my kids, Brett and I had enough clothes (including underwear, socks, etc.) to get us through an entire week. We did large loads of clothes just one day a week (Sunday because electricity is cheaper), and the kids all helped with sorting, folding, etc. as soon as they were old enough to help, to get it all done and put away in a timely manner. It's the only thing that's made laundry bearable over the years.

    1. I like your plan! We have backups of most everything, other than soccer gear. It requires the most laundry, sadly. I am unwilling to invest in another full set of uniforms, because they are so $$. I do the laundry & then the boys put away. We split the folding based on who is around & available.