Sunday, January 8, 2017

Getting things done Sunday & a big grocery find

A few of our sporting events were cancelled due to weather today, so we're left with early futsal practice (8:00 am) & Nick's futsal game. The weather has been very rainy and windy, so I'll cross my fingers that we don't lose power.

I ran a bunch of errands yesterday, & stumbled upon a huge grocery deal at our local Lucky (owned by Kroger, I believe). In their 90% off holiday section, they had Keurig holiday blends. So, I bought 10 boxes of 12 packs for just under $6 (total). 120 K cups for that price drops my standard cost per unit of $.25 to $.0475 per unit. WOW! I may go back & pick up any remaining boxes today. This, plus our remaining Keurig stock should get us through the next six months. I was also given a holiday gift of 2 packages of Columbian coffee (my coworker goes to Columbia over the holidays to visit family & brought me back a few large bags as a thank you for covering a few issues in his absence), so I'm hoping we can minimize our grocery spending in coffee greatly with this. Woohoo! And yes, we are also concerned about the environmental impact of the K cups. We typically buy only the compostable kind. Instead, these are recyclable, so we will need to rinse them after each use & make sure to recycle them. Still not perfect, I realize.

Okay, here's what's on my to do list for today:

  1. Go for a run. Should be interesting with the weather
  2. Take the boys to futsal practice
  3. Bake muffins for the freezer
  4. Take Nick to his futsal game
  5. Squeeze in a 21 day fix strength workout?
  6. Wash boys sheets
  7. Laundry
  8. Return a gift to Nordstrom
  9. Go through our schedule for the week, including new bonus soccer practices & skill sessions.
  10. Email nanny & M with schedule details
  11. Clean bathrooms
  12. Text our cleaning lady about cancelling our service. (M hasn't yet agreed to this. Negotiations in progress)
  13. Menu plan for the week
  14. Call my parents. My dad injured himself yesterday & is unable to get to urgent care due to a huge amount of snow & ice storm. They are waiting for the snow plow to get to them. They live WAY out in the country, so will be way down on the list of priorities.

And, here's our menu plan, including the tail end of the week. I have a bunch of late meetings this week, so will rely on leftovers or easy options from the freezer.

  • Friday - homemade pizza. The adults & one kid had "fridge scraps pizza", which included salami, one small piece of chicken, cheese, & onion. Other kid had a cheese pizza.
  • Saturday - Persian dish called lubia polo with yogurt sauce. 
  • Sunday - goat cheese crostini + mini meat loaves & homemade stuffing
  • Monday - clam chowder (Boudin, from Costco) + crostini
  • Tuesday - leftover lubia polo & yogurt sauce
  • Wednesday - leftover meatloaf & roasted brussels sprouts
  • Thursday - Baked chicken & pasta
  • Friday - Chicken potato soup (new recipe)
What about you? What are you up to today? What's on your menu for the week? How is the weather where you are?


  1. Weather is very cold-currently at -5, but expected to warm to 15 so that will be much better. I love four season living, but the January length really starts getting to me, so need to do some doldrum planning. I work a fundraiser (meat raffle) today, so that will get me out of the house for a couple hours.

  2. Great deal on the KCups! We got 2 inches of snow (we normally get 1 or 2 snows per year but this is about the 7th, I am so over it) that I have to shovel or it will set up like cement and hubby flew to Toronto last night so its up to me to take care of. Then to start on the year end accounting...or not. Think I need to take the day off work

    1. My mom was telling me today that they are on their 10th snow, & it hasn't melted since the 27th. She too is super over it. ;-) Good luck with your shoveling!

  3. Great score on the holiday coffee! I went to Target for tp and detergent on Friday but by then all the Xmas was gone. boohoo.

    1. I went to Target today & of course, cleaned out. I did find the last 4 packages of holiday coffee today & scored it. Woohoo!

  4. Wow! Great deal on the K-cups! If only we had a Kroger!

    1. It was a crazy deal. My Kroger has a tiny clearance area. The rest of the store is really over priced, but if you see something in the clearance section, it's guaranteed to be a super low price.

  5. We have Kroger in CA? I thought it was in other states, primarily. Also I'm always surprised to find a Lucky's. I grew up with them but they were cleared out of Southern CA a long time ago.

    How often do you have your cleaning lady in? Is cutting the service to save money worth the trade-off of energy if you (all of you, not just YOU you) have to take on the cleaning yourselves?

    I hope your parents are reached by the snowplow soon, I hope that injury doesn't get worse while he's waiting!

    We spent the weekend mostly indoors, and venturing out into the wet and high winds just for Seamus's needs, so we've missed our usual grocery shopping trip. I may have to make time for it during the work week which really isn't ideal.