Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sports Sunday

Today is crammed with sporting events for the kids. We have: two futsal practices, a futsal game, two flag football practices, & two flag football games. Chaos, but at least everyone will be tired by the time they come home. :-)

The rain continues here, although it's supposed to clear up by the end of the week. Hurrah! The kids definitely get squirrely when they miss recess & outdoor PE.

I had a big cooking session yesterday afternoon. I knew that it would be my only chance to prep food for the week. I made:

  •  homemade rolls - amazing - the kids were drooling when they came out of the oven
  • Granola bars - the taste was good, but they were crumbly, regardless of how long I chilled them, so I had to turn most of it into granola
  • Peanut butter cookies - I have an (almost) 11 year old who is going through a major growth spurt. I can barely keep him fed. The majority of his snacks are healthy, but he has room for treats. Unlike me. ;-) I don't think I've ever made peanut butter cookies before (too tempting), but these were easy & fabulous.
  • A double batch of chicken pastina - one was for dinner last night, and one went into the freezer for another meal. This is an old favorite & is delicious.
We also made huge progress on one of the kid's rooms. We probably tossed 50 things (recycled, as lots of school paperwork - he's a clutter bug) & donated another 25 items. I love feeling like we're making progress & reducing things we need to move!

Here's what else I'd like to get done today:
  1. Yoga
  2. A run or walk (may replace with a cardio workout DVD if the rain doesn't let up)
  3. Wash all bedding
  4. Laundry
  5. Build schedule for the week
  6. Arrange soccer carpool
  7. Pick up moving boxes
  8. Go to the produce stand
  9. Return books to the library
  10. Finish going through both kids rooms.
  11. Try a new Persian recipe (cutlet) for dinner. M's mom bakes these vs fry, which is what I'll try. Fingers crossed!
What about you? Have you made any good new recipes? What's one thing you'd like to accomplish today?


  1. Hoping to have more decluttered, and find the elusive two pairs of black leggings that hav e disappeared. I know they didn't get mixed in with daughters things as both are so much smaller than these so would have known they weren't theirs. I moslty want to get more organization for the week of head-grab and go lunches, clothing in the morning, etc. I will feel accomplished tonight if that happens.

  2. I need to do some master closet organizing, also need to list a bunch of books that are my mothers on the facebook site. My Mom reads a lot then gives them to me. I read what I want then sell them for her. She buys them all at thrift stores so in the end usually she gets almost the same as what she bought them for back. We still have a couple of hours of work today and then hubby is cooking dinner, he only does so about once every two weeks due to his schedule but he enjoys it and SO DO I!

  3. Sounds like a super busy day!
    I can't believe you've not made PB cookies before! Pretty great that your Saturday involved a new venture.
    I hope you're able to get done the rest of your list. It sounds like you will have had a pretty good day today.