Sunday, June 4, 2017

A mellow Sunday

At least, I'm hoping it's going to be a mellow Sunday! M is trimming our neighbor's tree (the branches that hang over our pool, and yes, we asked first :-)), and I'll be taking Sam to a Boy Scouts event shortly. Other than that, it's a relatively low key day. Here's what's on the agenda of things I hope to accomplish:

  1. Gather up library books, & drop them off
  2. Yoga
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Complete 30 push ups for my push up challenge I'm doing with my sister
  5. Sort out childcare for after camp a few weeks this summer
  6. Review my calendar for the week, as we have no nanny & M is out of town for work.
  7. Make dinner reservations for M's birthday
  8. Find receipts for our updates to this house. (Lesson learned - we kept none from our other house, as we expected to use the $500K write off when selling. . . foolish, as won't be able to & don't have many write offs).
  9. Make a menu plan for the week
  10. Make muffins or rolls
  11. Dinner - stuffed peppers (trying a new recipe)
I think that will keep me busy. And, while I'm at it,here's the menu plan for the week:

  • Friday - we had beef tacos
  • Saturday - M grilled burgers & potato wedges
  • Sunday - I'm making these stuffed peppers. 
  • Monday - leftover tacos. Will probably turn them into taco quesadillas for the kids
  • Tuesday - leftover burgers
  • Wednesday - leftover stuffed peppers
  • Thursday - M is out of town, so I'll probably make breakfast for dinner. I'm thinking of a pepper, egg & potato scramble/hash  
  • Friday - homemade pizza

What about you? What are you up to today? And, if you own a house, do you have a receipt file for when you eventually go to sell? If not, start one! Learn from my mistakes. 

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