Friday, June 9, 2017

Frugal Friday

So happy it's Friday, although it's a dreary, rainy day today. The gray skies make me a little depressed . . . I've really adjusted to leaving Seattle, apparently. :-)

Here are some of our frugal wins for the week.
  • Found a nice 6 pack of IPA on clearance at the grocery store (perfect for my parents visit this summer)
  • Packed a lunch for myself + Nick on Saturday, as we were out at soccer tryouts, followed by a game. The end of the season - hurrah!
  • Bought 4 gift cards at our local grocery store ($150 worth of Uber, for trips to & from the airport this summer & $50 for the Gap, as we always need something) to generate $40 in free spending at the grocery store. I used the first $10 to stock up on pasta & buns for our homemade burgers. 
  • Saved $400 by asking my mom to drive us to the beach during our family vacation (otherwise, we'd need to rent a car for an extra week, and still have to go back & forth to Portland, as M is arriving later). I'll pay for my mom's gas, of course, but she's excited for the time with us at the beach. 
  • Sold $240 worth of patio furniture (came with the house) on my local Facebook group
  • Used another grocery store coupon to buy 2 bags of couscous, 1 jar of ketchup, and 4 lbs of pasta for $.83
  • Made all meals at home, except for one planned dinner out to celebrate the boys wrapping up school. This is a go to restaurant for us (very casual, salad bar type place) & they had a graduation offer going. We bought $100 gift card, earning a free meal pass for a future visit. Then used the gift card to pay for that night's meal. 
  • Bought popsicles to keep in the freezer on hot days, to avoid going out for ice cream.

That's it on my side. M is going to be home shortly, & I'm thrilled! He's been gone all week for work, and it's been chaos. I need to take Nick to the doctor this morning, wrap up a ton of work, and then looking forward to enjoying the weekend.

What about you? Any big frugal wins this week?


  1. Sounds like you have a very successful week!
    I know the trip to the coast will be great!

    1. Super excited about our family time. It's always really mellow & fun.

  2. Wow, HP-great maximization of funds and strategies to save funds. I want to find some good summer recipes with grains I normally don't cook with like cous cous, and quinoa. If youhave a good source, please share.

    1. This is one of our favorite recipes for quinoa -

      We've made this couscous recipe before, & liked it.