Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The importance of a shopping list

It's become clear that when you are pretty removed from a store, and have no access to a vehicle, making a complete shopping list/meal plan is critical. We do actually have a small grocery store in biking distance, but who wants to carry heavy things in a backpack? Also, the prices are definitely "touristy", and I'd estimate 30% higher than you'd find at the grocery store in the next biggest town.

So, we have biked to town for a few essentials (milk, ice cream ;-)), but M will be here this evening & we will finally have access to a car. I'm reminded again of the importance of meal planning & getting the shopping list as complete as possible, as Costco is almost an hour away, and to call it the most reasonable place to buy groceries would be a huge understatement.

This morning, I'll form the shopping list, double check it against the menu, fridge & freezer inventory, & then check it again. We will likely make two Costco trips - one for our first few days, and then a second trip before we have guests.

Other than that, it's another mellow day. Here's what's on the agenda:

  • Some sort of a workout
  • Bike to town for milk & an onion for dinner, plus a cucumber if it's not an arm & a leg
  • Laundry
  • Go through the boys closets & remove anything they've outgrown
  • Pickup the house
  • Sweep the floors
  • Lunch - I'm thinking of broccoli/cheddar soup (freezer) for me + the remainder of a baguette, and leftover hot dogs & pasta for the kids. With fruit & yogurt.
  • Dinner - I'm planning to make a sausage risotto, and a salad
  • Finalize first grocery list/meal plan

What about you? How close do you live to a major store? How often do you shop?


  1. I so feel your pain! We live in a small town now and live about 15 miles from a larger town that has all the stores needed. However, those 15 miles are super dangerous to bike on (highway). We do not live in a bike friendly area.

    Planning and having a list is PARAMOUNT! Even on an RV with hardly any storage, we buy 1 week at a time. If we run out of milk, well, we are out until we shop again. No butter, olive oil will have to do.

    However, when our house is built, we will probably buy for 2 weeks at a time like before living in the RV - having staples at all times. But we buy in bulk when we can, so we hardly are ever at a loss.

  2. I hope the remainder of your vacation is wonderful. Nothing is worse than needing things without a way to get it. At least you can decide if whatever you need is a true need or want and make a judgement call if it is worth biking to get. I vote yes on the ice cream! Even if you live like I do with 5 major stores within 2 miles, a list is still critical. I cherry pick each store and without a complete list I double buy or pick up the right thing at the wrong store.

  3. We're luckily located really close to a few major shops but I still can't easily walk with any significant amount of groceries in a tote or a backpack given joint issues. I'm still working on making our shopping trips more efficient and complete, though, I hate the waste of time and gas when we have to make a second trip to the same store in a week on principle!