Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Life on the coast

We're having a very mellow vacation so far on the coast, particularly because we don't have a car until tomorrow. We've gone on bike rides, been to the ocean several times, and played plenty of games. It's been all kinds of fabulous.

I'm making a very gourmet meal of pasta & hot dogs (with salad) tonight for dinner. The freezer clean out continues.

Our vacation house needed some love, as sand blows very hard in this area & gets pretty much EVERY where, even though we are a few blocks from the ocean. I spent the morning cleaning our window sills. . . can you believe that moss can grow in your windows, with even the smallest amount of moisture? The sand blows hard enough to create a small gap between the windows & the screen, & then moisture eventually seeps in. The Oregon coast has a very wet climate, so proper care is required. It took a few hours, but all ten upstairs windows are now properly cleaned. Tomorrow I will tackle the downstairs windows.

I also spent some time today catching up on a few work emails that need to be sorted out before I fly to Tokyo. Other than that, I've been avoiding working as much as possible.

It's my goal on this trip to inventory the freezer & pantry, and create a running document that I can use to better plan for our next trip.

Just a couple of beach boys. . .


  1. It sounds absolutely fabulous-like a childhood dream of being left abandoned, but with a fully stocked cupboard. I am happy for you that you are recharging.

  2. Your trip sounds perfect! I hope the remainder is equally wonderful and relaxing.