Thursday, June 8, 2017

The end of the school year

Sweet mercy - there is so much happening at school, but the end is upon us! Sam had his 5th grade commencement ceremony yesterday, both boys finished soccer tryouts yesterday, and today is the last day of school. Combine that with M traveling, Nick's writing workshop party (don't ask), school finishing at noon today, no nanny, lots of work commitments, and it's been chaos.

I've been busy trying to sell our patio furniture (came with the house) in the meantime, & get rid of a few other things that we don't need. It feels great to get things cleaned out. I'm inspired to keep going! There's plenty of other things in the house that need to be organized.

Here's what's on my "sanity only" list for today.

  • Sell patio table/chairs
  • Sell glider
  • Clean out TV stand (someone is coming by for it on Saturday)
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Clean fridge
  • Work out (pilates day)
  • Physical therapy stretches
  • Check into vacation house calendar & get back to my mom
  • Start packing list for boys trip to Portland
  • Review Boy Scouts camping list & make sure I've ordered anything we don't already have
  • Make dinner: pasta, grilled chicken & fruit salad

That's it for me! What about you? Is anyone else caught up in the frenzy of the last few weeks of school & activities? 


  1. Thankfully we have been out of school for the past 2 weeks. The end of the year craziness is insane. Still trying to get into summer schedule mode- whatever that ends up being. I have just accepted that our schedule is chaos and let it be. Hope yours' calms down soon!

  2. Since I no longer have kids in school the lines between the seasons tend to blur, but Son3 came here for a couple of weeks following his graduation. I think he wanted to be fed and to fill a couple of weeks since he is in a "girlfriend is gone for the summer" funk. If nothing else we offer meals and a diversion.
    Have a wonderful and hopefully not too chaotic summer!