Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Menu plan for the next few weeks

It's a been of a whirlwind over the next few weeks. M & I are solo at the house this week (the kids are with my parents) & then I'm at the beach house with a variety of family members & kids, and eventually M will join us. As a result, we're way off course for our standard menu planning process, and we'll be taking advantage of the opportunity to go out to dinner without a sitter!

Once we get to the beach, I'll properly inventory all of the freezer & pantry supplies, and adjust the menu based on what we already have.

Add to that it's insanely hot & I have no desire to cook, and here's the menu I'm thinking about through the end of June:

  • Monday, 6/19 - I made chicken caprese paninis, with fresh basil from the garden.  
  • Tuesday, 6/20 - M & I will go out for happy hour, as I'm done with work at a reasonable hour. 
  • Wednesday, 6/21 - M & I will have kebabs, pitas, cucumber yogurt sauce & salad
  • Thursday, 6/22 - M & I will eat pad thai (freezer). I have a super late work night, so this should be quick & easy.
  • Friday, 6/23 - M & I will go out for happy hour. 
  • Saturday, 6/24 - I'll fly back to Portland to pick up the kiddos & head to the beach. Depending on how hungry the kids are, we'll probably wait until we get to the beach house. Most likely dinner will be mac & cheese & chicken nuggets. #gourmet :-) 
  • Sunday, 6/25 - My mom is going to be with us, so probably pasta & meatballs. I'll also pick up groceries for easy meals from the grocery store in walking distance
  • Monday, 6/26 - grilled hot dogs, veggies, & watermelon
  • Tuesday, 6/27 - Whatever is left in the freezer at the vacation house. 
  • Wednesday, 6/28 - M arrives. I'll make risotto with sausage. 
  • Thursday, 6/29 - M will grill burgers & corn
  • Friday, 6/30 - We'll barbecue fish & serve it with rice
  • Saturday, 7/1 - Leftovers
  • Sunday, 7/2 - My parents, sister, & nephews will join us at the beach. We'll have a big appetizer spread, pizza & salad. 
  • Monday, 7/3 - My parents, sister, & nephews will be with us at the beach. We'll make crab cakes for the adults, and hot dogs for the kids.
  • Tuesday, 7/4 - My parents, sister, & nephews will be with us at the beach. We'll have grilled sliders, corn on the cob, & margaritas
  • Wednesday, 7/5 - M, the boys & I will eat whatever leftovers linger before we fly home.
  • Thursday, 7/6 - Flying home. We will either get food at the airport, or heat up something from the freezer when we arrive. 
I leave for Tokyo two days later, so the boys will be on their own. I'll have to get super creative to come up with options for the boys, as I won't have much time to prep anything in advance. 

What about you? Is it hot at your house? What's your favorite easy meal prep when it's too hot to cook? 


  1. Enjoy your days at the beachhouse! We just go day to day depending on how we feel. Tonight homemade chicken fingers (skinless boneless chicken breast with spicey panko coating) over a large salad.

  2. The besch sounds lovely. Great planning on meals.

  3. Enjoy your week at the beach!
    When it is super hot we do a ton of grilling since we both love grilled veggies and pineapple with grilled chicken.