Friday, June 16, 2017

Frugal Friday

In between all of the craziness around here, we've still been trying to keep things reasonably frugal.

  • Made $35 selling the rest of the yard furniture that the previous owners left behind on my local Facebook group
  • Wanted to treat the kids on their first day of summer break, so took them to lunch using a Panera $10 offer, & paid for the rest using a gift card.
  • Used my last $10 grocery coupon to buy items for M's homemade birthday cake. 
  • Bribed Nick to let the doctor burn multiple warts off of his foot. It was pretty painful, but he hung in there & didn't move during the entire burning treatment. I used a gift card to buy him Magic cards at Target. 
  • Used other gift cards that have been lingering in my purse to offset purchases this weekend (lunch out for Sam on Sunday)
  • Found $.65 on the ground. ;-) 
  • Used the last of our lemons to make homemade lemon bread to bring to our neighborhood gathering
  • Picked a bunch of basil & gave it to friends before we head out of town. Even though not benefiting our wallets, it's nice to share. 
  • Celebrated M's birthday with thoughtful gifts, but nothing too extravagant. (Mostly because he's crazy hard to shop for.)
  • Went to dinner for M's birthday, and brought our own wine. We had a lovely dinner out with the boys. 
  • Invited a friend to join us at camp for "bring a friend for free Friday", which although not benefiting us, is nice to give a parent a break for a few hours
  • Packing a lunch for the airport this afternoon
  • Using Uber to get to the airport, which is about $30 cheaper than parking, and I have the gift cards that I purchased a week or so ago to generate grocery store rewards

That's it for me. I'm really looking forward to the weekend. The boys will be participating in a huge mountain biking event tomorrow, we'll be celebrating my nephew's graduation, and then I'm flying home to spend the last of Father's Day with M. We'll definitely be going out for our first date night in a while, and no sitter needed. Woohoo!

What about you? What frugal wins did you have for the week?


  1. After spending money in Greece I am having a semi-frugal week other than restocking our fridge. I need to pay our house taxes within the next 2 weeks and buy some anti worm/flea/tick medication for the dog which is not cheap but don't see any unforseen big expenses other than those within the near future. Back to eating well and walking. My hubby is difficult to buy for as well. This year we combined my birthday/his birthday/my Mom's Mother day gift into a boat charter for the 3 of us which will take place in July, hoping to catch some salmon. Not frugal or cheap but better than "stuff" and on all of our bucket lists

  2. Daughter found a really cute basic black dress that is so cute on her at the Sal Army store for $5.99. she wore for a family thing-felt good that my little girl is picking up on frugal opportunities.

  3. Have a great weekend and also have a wonderful sitter free date night.

  4. I really like that you included free kindness to other people! Also - poor Nick - bet you are all glad that's over with - the MTG cards were well-earned!