Saturday, September 30, 2017

All of the Jet Lag, & Belated Frugal Friday

I was traveling for work this week, & had zero out of pocket expenses. But, I did bring home all of the jet lag. Took a red eye on the way to London, and flew economy. I've flown business a few times, and absolutely cannot sleep in economy. Had two meetings with San Francisco while I was there, which meant staying up until 1:00 in the morning. I slept for hours last night, but it cannot touch the jet lag. So very tired! Here's hoping I'm feeling better by tomorrow. Here's what I accomplished:

  • Pre-prepped a bunch of food before I left, so they can avoid eating out the majority of the time
  • Avoided buying any food at the soccer tournament. I think we were the only parents to do this. Considering we were there for 6+ hours for two days in a row, it was a huge savings to pack our own food. (We had to eat it in the car).
  • Provided feedback on a product that we buy (cheese from our favorite semi-local dairy) that had issues. The wrapper hadn't properly sealed, and the cheese had significant molding months in advance of the "use by" date. Sent email & pictures & received a coupon for the full replacement, plus another coupon for a slightly smaller size as well. 
  • Filled out all of the last paperwork for the Audi recall (diesel engine fiasco), & received the $1500 final settlement.
  • Called & sorted out our trash service. When we moved, I changed our service address. The company has struggled so terribly with the billing since then. I magically have one account (as expected) when I log in to pay my bill. It shows our correct address. And, a huge credit balance. However, I keep getting late notices & threats to shut off our service. It took 45 minutes of effort yesterday, but did finally get them to sort, merge, & apply all of my payments to the correct address. Hurrah. 
  • I made homemade rolls that were a huge hit. Kids loved them. Will try for more this week.
  • Didn't get any souvenirs for the kids on my trip. (I usually just pick up a local treat of some sort). One of my employees bought a few bags of chocolate as a thank you for covering a late night meeting for her. 

And, I obviously have a ton to get done now that I'm back. Here's what I need to accomplish:
  • Two soccer games
  • Plan schedule for tomorrow
  • Pick up bibs for 5K race
  • Make a menu plan & Costco list
  • Go to Costco
  • And the produce stand
  • Make muffins
  • And homemade rolls
  • Get some exercise
  • Return my library books
  • Use the cheese coupons (above) to earn free grocery reward points, before the end of the month
  • Sort the budget & bills
I'll also make it my goal to stay up until 8 pm tonight. ;-) What about you? Any big frugal wins?


  1. My MIL makes great homemade rolls so understand why they were a hit. My week of spending too much continued but yesterday intent on going out for coffee, I just stayed home and had cups of it from my Keurig using Aldi vanilla grounds.

    1. If you have a bread machine, the hands on time is only about 10 minutes. Seriously, super easy.

      Nice work staying in for coffee! Baby steps. :-)