Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Gift card inventory

I try to take inventory of our gift cards throughout the year, to ensure we're treating them like cash. I also have received several gift cards to non-restaurants as gifts, and winnings in the school auction.

Here's what we have available:


  • $40 Groupon to a local Italian restaurant. Expiring soon. Need to use this week.
  • $25 Subway gift card
  • $51.60 Sweet Tomatoes gift card
  • $60.62 Starbucks card
  • $15 at a local spa. Leftover from a massage M got me for my birthday when we first moved here, 3+ years ago. I'd like to use it, but that will require an investment of additional money. Maybe could give it away? Or, alternatively, book a birthday massage & use this to defray a small amount of the cost.
  • $500 at another local spa. Work gift. I have no idea why I haven't booked something yet, but I will! :-)

  • 2 movie passes
  • 12 paint ball tickets, won at the school auction.
  • 1 month of free art class, won at the school auction.

  • $50 Visa gift card. Can be used as cash. Will apply to my Christmas funds.
  • $100 Target gift card. Will apply to my Christmas funds.

Inventorying the gift cards will ensure we use them up before the expire, and turn to the cards before using our own funds. What about you? Do you track gift cards like cash? Any gift cards you are hoping to use up?


  1. We had a win last weekend when we went to Va for a few days-used a gift card. Tried to use another one at another meal but the restaurant was just too busy to try.
    As we go into the Holidays I do need to redo my inventory of what's left to stay on top of using them.

  2. I am that crazy woman who hates to receive gift cards, as I hate to shop, and cannot bear spas, manicures, or Starbucks. I always pass them on. (I believe the term is "regift.") I do buy them for my kidz Rite Aid, though, when I can get Plenti Points back. Dd prefers them these days. I have Subway, Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic, and Kohl's (or maybe it's Macy's, I better check) in my Christmas gift stash. Of course, with the exception of the Subway card, this means I also have to take the recipients shopping...bleah.

  3. I have followed Sluggy's lead and bought some discounted gift cards, but like you I need to wrangle them and use them as cash. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I have tons of gift cards but I haven't been tracking them well, lately. I've been wondering if I should try to use, or just resell, our $50 West Elm card that I'd been saving for a bigger purchase that we ended up getting from Craigslist. We have a few small cards that I've had for way too long, and if we weren't in CA, they'd be worthless now! So I ought to use or sell them too.

  5. I just started bullet journaling and I hope I will keep better track. It's easy with the ones earned by Swagbucks because I mark those of as spent. I have never gotten discount gift cards yet but I should. I seriously wish that Groupon had some kind of reminder service that says "Your discount is about to expire".

  6. I've got a few Caribou Coffee cards from thanks yous and a gift, and target cards from earning when you buy X number of something. There's a McDonalds card, a restaurant gift certificate I bought for DH last Christmas for a pub to use with DS when he was home that they couldn't find when they went, so that is still around. I really should doa better inventory.

  7. Just a thought but many spas have products you can buy without the services - perhaps you can use that $15 spa GC that way? Could you sell the balance on Craigslist?