Sunday, September 24, 2017

Busy, busy

I took the boys to four games yesterday (they won all of them, so that's a sign there will likely be two each this afternoon), as well as tried to get a few things done before I leave for my trip.

I managed to squeeze in a yoga workout, made lentil soup, homemade rolls & chocolate chip cookies. And, shredded & froze all of the parmesan cheese so M can quickly assemble dinners. I then walked to an evening event (a painting party) & enjoyed chatting & painting - while drinking wine, of course ;-)

I was up early this morning to wash the *very* fragrant soccer uniforms from yesterday. Here's what else is on my list:

  • Pack lunches for the field. I'm not a fan of this "park". They charge admissions & don't allow any food. Which means they want you to buy their unhealthy & ridiculously expensive concessions. We'll "tailgate" instead. 
  • Sort dinner for this evening. I won't be here, but have defrosted a lasagna for M & the kids.
  • Finish my last minute packing
  • Take both boys to their first games of the day. There is a 15 minute gap between them, so should work out well, logistics wise.
  • If either of the boys make it to the finals, I'll need to call M to head to the field so I can leave, get home, & take an Uber to the airport. 
  • I'm also going to try & eat something before I head to the airport, because, as we all know, airplane food is tragic.
That's it for me. I'm not a fan of the Sunday evening flights, but . . . what can you do? Let's hope it's on time & a painless flight.

What is one thing you will accomplish today that will save you time during the week? It won't save me time, but by prepping food for M, it will ensure that he & the boys can eat quickly, & hopefully limit eating out. ;-) 


  1. My plan first is to marvel at your Saturday! I have some sorting to do in old clothes, a Target run, finish a work presentation, and do a little mesl prep. Just finished a little yoga and abs after a walk with pup. It is so hot and muggy even for me. Dare I say I want fall?

  2. How completely ridiculous to charge an admission and not permit food. How very elitist. You got an amazing amount done based on how busy your schedule is. Don't you love soup though? Put everything in the pot and let it cook :) We always let ours sit for 1-2 hours after cooking, it just seems to taste better then.

  3. You had an insane day! Hope your trip is uneventful (meaning no chaos or anything unexpected)