Saturday, September 16, 2017

Grocery store score

After a very early soccer morning (3-1 victory for Nick), & a less victorious game (1-7) for Sam (and Nick, who was subbing), I took the boys & a bonus friend to lunch at In & Out. Nick was in at goalie against the best team in our league (a year up for him) & did an amazing job staying focused, even though the other team put up so many amazing shots. He had some great blocks, and stayed positive despite the challenging game.

As a special treat, I took the boys & their friend to lunch, where they each proceeded to eat two cheeseburgers, fries & a milkshake. We started with one burger each, and they were all still quite hungry & polished off a second burger each in no time. Luckily, it only came to $30. Oh, how I wish I could still eat two burgers, fries & a milkshake. ;-)

Once soccer was done for the day, I dropped Nick & bonus friend off for a sleepover, and went into the local grocery store for hamburger buns. Hamburgers are actually on the menu for tonight (although, I doubt anyone will be in the mood, and we will likely swap things around), and while Michael & I prefer them without a bun, the boys both enjoy them with a slice of cheese on a bun. I always walk through the clearance aisle, and the clerk was just stocking the shelves. Huge scores!

Here's what we got (and, I should have been reviewing the register as things were rung up, as you can see, but was distracted by the bagger, who dropped a bunch of stuff on the floor & we were trying to pick it up).

  • Organic pizza sauce - this actually rang up incorrectly & was supposed to be $.57. It rang up at $3.59 & will need to go back for a price correction
  • Shredded parmesan cheese with garlic - $.57
  • Pesto - rang up correctly, but charged me for 3 & I got 2. But, $.57/each! I'll get a price adjustment next time I'm there.
  • Natural jam sweetened with honey (vs sugar) - $.57 x3
  • Mac & cheese (the Star Wars edition) - $.27 x10!
  • 32 oz jars of organic pasta sauce - $.57 x3
  • Organic pasta sauce (smaller size) - $.57x4
  • Power Ade (not part of the clearance, but for my soccer player who gets migraines. I let him bring Power Ade if he's playing two games in a day). - $.59 (a steal) + $.10 bottle deposit x3
  • Cookies (a splurge for soccer game treats tomorrow). I've divided up the package, so each kid will get to share 1/2 with friends after the game - $.57
  • Cheez Its (a rare snack for Sam to bring in his lunch) - $.57
  • And, hamburger buns ;-) - $1.75

Total spent = $19.23. And, after the credits I'll receive, it' will really be around $16! Super excited to stock the pantry for that price.

Woohoo! Any big grocery store wins on your end? I closed out the afternoon with a trip to the produce stand for corn (3 ears for $1), radishes ($.59/bunch), mini cucumbers (Nick's favorite - expensive & just under my max price at $1.99/lb), and wheat lavosh bread ($2.99).


  1. We love the clearance section, but since Harvey, no clearance. It will get there again though. My big deal was the office chair - very comfie and perfect for my back issues for 60% off - only paid $80.

  2. Those were great prices, absolutely fabulous. I would have bought all that, too. Pasta sauce of that price makes for cheap meals. In what store did you find these bargains?

    1. I got the clearanced items at Lucky grocery store. I'm not sure they have it outside of California.

  3. Wow those are some terrific prices! I never see anything like that around here.

    1. Our local grocery store is really hit or miss. But, if you stalk the clearance, sometimes you can find some really exciting stuff. I found Keurig coffee (we don't use it regularly, but keep it for when my parents visit) & it was 90% off or something when I discovered it. I bought enough to last a year.

  4. I think DH got Barilla pasta got 89 cents. But with more shopping at Aldis, I get less super deals but aim for oversll low cost.

    1. Agree. This grocery store is over priced normally, and you really have to watch for deals. Who pays over $8/bottle for pasta sauce?!!! But yes, we do the majority of our shopping at Costco & the produce stand, but occasionally need something they don't sell at either place. Or, poor planning strikes, as this store is by far the closest to my house.