Friday, September 22, 2017

Frugal Friday

Here's what we've been up to this week:

  • Used up some broccoli that was about to go bad in Broccoli & Cheese soup over the weekend. Yum!
  • Ran out of time to make homemade rolls on Sunday, but dug out some bread from the freezer rather than buying anything
  • Noted that I hadn't received my mileage credit (compensation for a flight changes over the holidays) & called Alaska Airlines again. Received $150 (both) for the adults, & finally got the 5,000 miles (both) for the kids. 
  • Submitted an HSA expense for my parking at my doctor's appt ($12).
  • Finally noticed that an old HSA (M's employer from about 5 years ago) has been charging $1.50/month for paper statements, and is charging $4.99/month now that they are not sponsored by the employer. Fixed the $1.50/month paper statement. Will add the HSA rollover to our current accounts to my to do list, because there are multiple forms required. M's current HSA will also give you a $25 bonus for moving funds from another account, so that will be a huge win.
  • Went through my standard weekly exercise of entering our flight information & price matching, & ended up with a $52 credit for future travel! Woohoo!
  • Used up a Groupon for an Italian restaurant that was about to expire. Even with the Groupon, still too expensive, so won't buy it again. Did use leftovers for additional meals this week.
What about you? Any big wins this week? 


  1. This week has been pricey-no lie. We tried economical meals but had some nights/after work and breakfast/lunch meetings that through the spendimgn off kilter.

  2. You are the airline price matching queen! For someone who flies alot it sure pays to pay attention to these things. I sold an almost full bottle of perfume on our facebook bidding site, not my scent. I picked up some items out of a free box. I ate home grown tomatoes and self-picked free blackberries (they are still coming ripe, longest blackberry season ever), cooked all meals at home, used $50 in store credit from points yesterday when I had to pick up a bunch of over the counter meds for sick hubby.

  3. oh my gosh, I made that soup (used coconut milk in place of cream though to cut down on dairy and offered the cheese as a garnish rather than in the soup). It was amazing!!