Saturday, May 12, 2018

Post London jetlag

I flew in yesterday, and arrived home around 3:30 (an hour earlier than expected). Hurrah! It was so nice to see the boys, and we went to the grocery store & picked up two frozen pizzas for dinner. It wasn't the cheapest or healthiest option, but it was cheaper than takeout.

My to do list for today is enormous, but we don't have soccer until late afternoon. I also want to get the house cleaning done today, given I don't feel like scrubbing toilets on Mother's Day. ;-)

Here's what I'd like to get done today:

  1. Review my work calendar
  2. Email our nanny & coordinate our schedule for next week
  3. Laundry. And, we have a ton, as I was gone & Nick brought home a giant bag of laundry from science camp.
  4. Clean the kitchen, bathrooms & vacuum
  5. Make muffins
  6. Catch up on our budget
  7. Finalize flights for my parents in August
  8. Clean & organize the paperwork & bills that have stacked up while I was gone
  9. Work out! Long distance flights are the worst for sapping your energy 
  10. Take the boys to soccer
  11. Make chicken curry
  12. Plan the menu for the week
That's it for me. What about you? I rarely get a chance to "get out" much on work trips, but this time we did eat out at a fabulous restaurant. If you like Indian food, and happen to be in London, I highly recommend this place

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  1. An extra hour is worth celebrating and good call on pizzas. I wish I was going to London soon but my older kids might do a side trek to see friends if they can find a place to crash. They love Indian food.