Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Four O'Clock Stop

Every weekend day, M & I push super hard to get all of our chores complete by 4:00, and then try to take a break to have a glass of wine together. It's a great motivation to get as much done as possible by then, but quite frankly, if I've pushed myself, I'm typically exhausted by 4:00 anyway. I manage my energy levels well, and know that I'm trending down anyway right around that time. Given we don't have many formal date nights, and the kids are typically playing outside or at the library at this time, it's a perfect chance for a conversation & relaxing.

As for today, it's almost 4:00 on the west coast, and I've finished most of my to do list. I'm calling it! I took Sam to two soccer games, went for a run, went to the store, cleaned the house, cleaned/vacuumed under the bed (which required taking the bed apart), sold something on our local Facebook swap, and washed the sheets. I also did my normal pre-week planning (nanny coordination, work schedule, fitness schedule, and lining up my calendar with M's, to make sure we have everything covered).

I'll make dinner around 5:00, so plenty of time to relax & have a glass of wine. I'm making naan pizza for dinner tonight. A quick & easy pizza crust alternative. Yum!

Do you have any similar habits? Do you close down your weekend days early enough to relax a bit? It's my favorite part of the weekend, and I enjoy it so much more when I've "earned it", by finishing my work. :-) 

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  1. Happy weekend! I know what you mean about the energy thing - I am good until about 5pm and tend to do almost nothing after 6pm as we eat pretty early (earlier and earlier as we get older and work from home, usually at 6pm)