Friday, December 21, 2018

Frugal Friday

It's the home stretch, friends! So happy to be on vacation officially starting today.
  • Sold one of the kids BMX bikes. He paid me back for the skateboard he bought, & then we split the rest of the profit. Half went into his college account, and he gets the rest to spend. These bikes were purchased from their own money. Otherwise, they don't get any of the profits. ;-) 
  • Used up leftovers in the fridge before we took off on vacation
  • Packed a few extra items for our beach house (pasta & risotto) that we'll use in our menu
  • Used a flight credit for a work flight, which I'll be reimbursed for
  • I made my husband truffles for a work baking exchange (he was attempting to buy)
  • Helped my son make marzipan (vs buy) for a school event. It's actually easy to make (first time for me), but a pain to clean up the paste like substance that's left over in your food processor). 
  • Bought Uber gift cards (I use Uber for work trips, as well as personal travel) and earned a $30 grocery store gift card
  • Made two last minute kid exchange gifts using things from my stash, vs having to go to the grocery store
  • Ate all of the planned food (dinners) before we left, and avoided meals out & food waste
Looking forward to a relaxing time together with family. I hope you all have an amazing and festive upcoming few weeks, with time off, friendship, family & fun, as well as whatever personal meaning the celebrations may have for you!

What frugal activities have you been up to this week?


  1. Well done on the 2 food saves, if your husband had bought truffles it would have been bloody hell expensive. I've never tried to make either truffles or marzipan. I did make myself diet sugar cookies (see my blog for explanation) last night lol. Have a safe trip and a fabulous holiday!

    1. Both were a big frugal win! And, pretty easy as well.

  2. Good job! What kind of truffles? I do a simple Oreo and a Peanut butter cookie and are a hit. A batch costs about $6 to make, but 30 or so generous candy's.

    1. Yum! I made the mint kind on The Frugal Girl blog. They were easy enough the kids can help.