Saturday, December 8, 2018

Soccer Saturday

It's a tournament weekend, with at least four guaranteed games, and perhaps a 5th. I'm trying to squeeze in a few things around soccer, while continuing to rest & recover from the car accident. I'm hoping I'm about 75% healed, and as long as I take Tylenol & the swelling is going down, I feel okay. If I forget to take Tylenol, all of the sudden, the pain is very present.

Here are the plans for the rest of the day:

  • Finalize baking day for my cardamom bread (I think this is going to have to be next Sunday). 
  • Start on my packing list for Christmas travels
  • Vacuum
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry
  • Produce stand
  • Costco (my husband is doing this)
  • Get an estimate for the car (M is doing this as well)
  • Decide on a menu
  • Make dinner
  • Take Sam to a soccer evaluation
  • Take both boys to the soccer game this afternoon
  • Work out. Something slow & easy, given my neck. I'm thinking of a walk during soccer warm ups. 
What about you? I need inspiration - what are you having for dinner tonight? 


  1. I hope you get a night of good rest and let the tissue heal. this is a time to take advantage of car pooling!

  2. We are cooking up one half of a rack of pork ribs, which I'll slow bake in the oven, then brush with BBQ sauce and finish off on a grill pan at high heat. That, plus baked sweet potato and sauteed green beans. The pork is really just a side dish to theveggies, which is pretty much how we roll these days. We're generally meatless altogether @5 out of 7 meals, a real budget saver, though not by design.

    1. That sounds fabulous! I may have to try this. We eat lots of veggies, but I do try & get the kids plenty of protein. I know there are non-meat protein options, but one of my kids is super picky.