Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Back at it Tuesday

The long weekend went incredibly quickly, but good times were had by all. Save for the kids, who did need to squeeze in assignments around tennis & pool time. Only 10 days left of school. Let the count down begin! I've definitely never been as excited about school ending. This year has brought with it many challenges, and while I think we'll get over the finish line, there was a huge learning curve for everyone with online learning & a lot fell through the cracks.

I went for an early run this morning, as it's supposed to be close to 100 today. We also turned on our air conditioner for a couple of hours yesterday - the first time this year. We got in the pool, floated on rafts, and tried to chill out.

I have a handful of meetings today, and for my chore of the day, I went through & inventoried all of our gift cards & travel credits. Because of one preferred restaurant going bankrupt, and all of our cancelled travel plans, I wanted to get on top of everything. I now feel much more organized. This situation has definitely taught me that my risk for hanging on to gift cards I don't have an immediate plan to use is . . . not great. I also have gift cards for other places (a barre studio, the kids climbing gym that was a gift) that may also not survive COVID. A good lesson that, in these unpredictable times, gift cards are a riskier bet than previously thought. We will try to use up as many as we can in the upcoming months, and then stop buying them unless we have an immediate use.

I haven't decided what I'm going to list on eBay, so I'd better go off & get productive.

And, menu plan for the week:

Saturday - grilled burgers & corn
Sunday - grilled chicken on Caesar salad + sauteed green beans
Monday - grilled hot dogs & beans
Tuesday - leftover burgers & corn
Wednesday - leftover chicken, maybe as tacos, with beans
Thursday - leftover hot dogs + something from our produce box
Friday - any remaining leftovers

What about you? How are you doing today? Have you had any negative experience with gift cards, as a result of COVID?


  1. No negative experiences yet, but my cards are to large chain food places like Subway, Applebee's, IHOP, Starbucks, and retailers like Cabella's and American Eagle. I don't think, however, I will be in a hurry to purchase any for Christmas gifts! I usually purchase my gift cards at Rite Aid for the Bonus Cash, but I also get McDonald's cards for the kids at the grocery store when they offer 4x's fuel points.
    I never used to like giving (or receiving) gift cards, but my teenagers love having them.

  2. Today was my kids' last official day of school-- drive thru to pick up report cards and say bye to teachers. It has definitely been a learning curve and unfortunately I think we will begin again in the fall like we ended this year. I have 2 gift cards that were gifted to me that we will probably not be able to use. I try to use gift cards soon after we get them. There is definitely a risk to keeping them too long. Your menu looks yummy! Hope you have a good week!