Friday, May 22, 2020

Frugal Friday

Another frugal week has gone by. Nothing too exciting to report. We continue to make meals at home, eat lots of leftovers, reduce food waste, and look for ways to cut costs.

Saving on things we buy

  • Made my own coleslaw mix for a recipe, using cabbage & carrots. About 1/3 less than buying it pre-made.
  • M also made his own nut mix, by purchasing the items separately & mixing them at home, saving a few bucks. 

Earning money

  • I found $.01 on the ground, while on a walk. Big money!
  • I've continued to sell things on eBay
  • I continued my one chore a day, and cleaned out the shoe bins & sports equipment area in the garage. I put some shoes aside to resell (almost never used soccer cleats that are now outgrown, same with hiking boots, etc) & found a full set convertible skateboard/scooter. Got it cleaned up, posted on our neighborhood swap site & sold it for $30 a few hours later. No contact porch pickup, and they paid me through Venmo. Super easy. I wish all sales could be like that.
  • I also found old collapsible goals, and sold those for $25.  

Avoiding spending

  • We avoided takeout this week, and managed to make a lot of meals at home. Our grocery bill continues to be very high, but is always cheaper than takeout. 
  • I had another "virtual happy hour", which means a glass of wine at home, which is much cheaper than an in person happy hour
  • I'm also getting a $40 refund for my son's graduation (he is graduating from 8th grade) as the celebration is cancelled
  • M also invested in clippers, so he can cut the boys hair. It's unclear whether this will save us money. If he cuts their hair a few times during the quarantine, we will be even. So, it looks promising. 
  • I also used a jalapeno left in the back of the fridge drawer, vs buying a can of chiles for a recipe.
What about you? Any frugal wins to report?


  1. Really nothing to report-but I actually splurged on Crowlers of the local breweries hard seltzer. this is the brewery that hosts Trivia and I was happy to get 4 Growlers and added a 20% tip, so a huge $48 splurge. I played free trivia on-line last week, and normally in the brewery it would have been $20 spent, plus now I have enjoyable beverages for the long weekend. I think a Crowler is 32 ounces-maybe two pints, so about the same as if we were there. I love the place and it will be nice weekend treat. What is your coleslaw sauce blend ratio?

    1. We also spend money on nice beer or drinks, so I'm with you. Still much cheaper than drinks out!

    2. Oh, and in this case, my recipe called for coleslaw mix (purple & green cabbage, plus shredded carrots, but no actual "dressing") for the egg roll in a bowl.

      But, for a typical coleslaw recipe, we like really light dressing. M eats Keto friendly, so I normally make this recipe -
      And, we can get 2-3 batches of coleslaw out of one dressing as described in the recipe.

  2. We've used our clippers on the dog and us so it has paid for itself but they were inexpensive to begin with $33 on Amazon (made for dogs not humans but interchangeable). After a couple months with no access to hairdressers or dog groomers I think we've saved at least $200 - that will change in June at least for the dog as our groomer opened back up. Our hairdresser's shop opened but she isn't coming back for a while so for now we are holding off. I want to see what safety is like before running back. Plus there are no treatments so I can't get my highlights there anyway which will save another $100. Seems I shall have to either use lemon and sit in the sun or have hubby attempt it. I think I likely will go with the safer option 1 though :) Stay safe and have a lovely weekend!

    1. I ordered a spray in option to break up the growth coming in on my hair. It's temporary, but I'm not planning on getting my hair recolored, and I'm on video calls all day, so perfect is not required. I'll report in if it's useful and worth the $8 or so.

  3. We bought clippers when our sons were younger. I did not actually give them haircuts with them but did use them to shape up overgrown haircuts, extending the life of them. I figured instead of getting one every 6 weeks our sons were able to go 2 months between haircuts. Over time (years and years) it is a substantial savings.

    1. Sounds great. Ours arrive on Monday, and our youngest child's hair is truly out of control, so fingers crossed!