Tuesday, May 5, 2020

It's all about the ivy

It's a lovely day today, and I've finished most of my meetings, so a quick update. 

I went for a run this morning (3 miles, a little faster than I was on the previous 3 mile run) & had excess energy after that. I don't always get a "runners high" after running, but I find that, particularly when I run in the morning, I have more energy throughout the day. Win/win. 

I've been working on removing two large ivy infestations on our house. Ivy, for those of you who have had it on your property, is terribly hard to get rid of. In our area, it also leads to rats, as they love to nest under the ivy. Neither of those are good things, and the longer you leave it, the deeper & faster it spreads. We haven't had yard service at our house in three years (the previous owners did have it), and the ivy has run rampant. 

I've been ever so slowly pulling out pieces bit by bit, and working on it, but is it ever an exhausting project. I did more ivy pulling at lunch yesterday & today, and after work was complete. The good news is, it's a combo workout + yard activity, for sure! I have blisters all over my hands (in spite of wearing gloves) from pulling out thousands of ivy roots. 

In other news, yesterday they opened up the tennis courts (you can only play with family members), so the boys are thrilled to have another activity. There's a city court about 1/2 mile from our house, so the boys spent lunch today getting in a game. It's so wonderful to see them get a chance to get out & get some exercise. It also gives the parents a tiny break. ;-) 

Tonight we'll have leftover lubia polo (a Persian bean, ground beef & rice dish) & I need to use up a tiny bit of ground beef that M forgot to include in the lubia polo. I'll probably make him a burger, as he doesn't eat many carbs. After dinner, we'll walk the neighbor's dog & hopefully squeeze in a few games of rummy.

What about you? What are you up to today? And, have you ever dealt with my nemesis - ivy?


  1. Yes, I had ivy that decided running up an oak tree in the front yard was the thing to do. Since I am physically unable to get/keep ivy out, I sprayed it with some killer and paid someone to pull it out of tree and ground around it.

  2. No ivy here, but I'm dreading weeding at the lake.

  3. No ivy but the dandelions are going mad. We get our workouts however we can these days, don't we? :) Glad your boys can play some tennis, that is the least contact sport ever, especially safe when you play with your brother/family

  4. I love ivy but it is very invasive so if you plant it you had better love it.

  5. I pulled down dozens and dozens and dozens of feet of creeping fig from our block walls last year - what a chore! Lots and lots of cutting through branches before it could be pulled off the wall in sections. But, so so nice to have it gone!

  6. Oh gosh, ivy sounds awful! We struggle with several other weed varieties, but thankfully not ivy. It's a losing battle over here XD