Thursday, May 14, 2020

It's Thursday

I've been trying to get consistent about running three times/week. I'm at the point where it's still not fun, and feels like a slog, but if memory serves, that gets better over time. Fingers crossed. I went for a run this morning, and am hopeful that will give me an extra hit of energy today. Some days I get that runners high, other days, not so much.

Our Hawaii trip is officially cancelled (no surprise), as the airline cancelled our flight, and it's very likely that Hawaii will extend the mandatory quarantine for all visitors. Because of this, we will pivot & instead drive up to Oregon & spend time at our vacation house. It's not Hawaii, but we feel lucky to have this option. And, it will be so much cheaper!

As for the rest of today, I've packaged an item for sale on eBay, and need to schedule a package pickup. I have a few meetings this afternoon, and then a virtual happy hour with friends. It's a weekly thing, and I always look so forward to the social connection.

And with that, I'm off to m next task. What about you? What are you up to today? 


  1. I would so love to run again. I am thinking of taking a trip to the Oregon coast just to get out of dodge. We always stay at this divey hotel in Netarts and take our bikes. We just walk the 5 mile loop between Netarts and Oceanside. We cook at the our hotel room so don't really interact with anyone. Where do you go?

  2. At this point, just a change of routine would be a nice break. I'm ordering a a gallon of hand sanitizer,and am picking up as many spray /squirt bottles as possible to position at the lake cabin, though I am still uneasy about the plans when everyone thinks they should be there-definitely larger than the less than 10 recommended.

  3. Glad you have the vacation home as an option. The Oregon coast is beautiful.
    I think it is funny that it only took a couple of months for all of us to start thinking of socializing in such a different way. I know I look forward to seeing family and friends via zoom. I am unsure just how normal our new normal will be, but when it happens I hope I will be more appreciative of social time.