Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all of you moms have a wonderful day. I'm planning on rallying myself for a run shortly. I'll keep the to do list reasonably short today, and want to wash the sheets & mail an item I sold on eBay. I'll list another item, and hopefully make some progress in the yard. The kids have promised help in the yard as part of their Mother's Day gift. ;-)

We ordered takeout last night, and M & I sat on the patio & drank a margarita. It was really lovely. Earlier in the day, a friend dropped off a bag of supplies from Trader Joes, for the boys to make me a Mother's Day brunch. It was so unexpected & thoughtful! There is a yummy looking cinnamon bread, maple syrup,  eggs, sausage, & juice. Hopefully they can whip that up when I'm back from my run.

I went on a long hike yesterday, so was too sore for much real yard work. Fitbit said I had 26k steps, which explains my lethargy later in the day.

One of my top requests on Mother's Day is always cupcakes, but my favorite bakery is closed. Nick tried his hand at lemon cupcakes stuffed with a raspberry filling. The cupcake & the filling turned out fabulously, but he had some issues with the frosting. In the end, he skipped the frosting & lightly dusted them with powdered sugar. We dropped off cupcakes for our two elderly neighbors, as well as for my friend with the Mother's Day breakfast surprise, and one other friend who sends us treats. It was so nice to surprise the moms with cupcakes.

I spent part of yesterday dreaming about future planning. I don't know if any of you are like this, but I do want to think about a future that involves fun family trips again. I don't know realistically how far out those trips will be, but it makes the situation feel less hopeless when I imagine them again. Currently, we're looking at two trips: February 2021 (ski week) at Whistler, and April 2021 (spring break) in Hawaii. Airlines are offering full credit back with no fees, if you book between now & the end of May. We will likely book both, as I already have credit on the airlines for previously cancelled trips, so it's no money out of pocket. And, I get to dream a bit about future travel.

Finally, on to the menu plan:

Friday - we had tacos/taco salads
Saturday - we ordered delivery Greek food
Sunday - M is making my favorite - Persian kebabs & rice
Monday - chicken alfredo (freezer) w/pasta or cauliflower rice
Tuesday - leftover kebabs & rice
Wednesday - carnitas (freezer)
Thursday - any remaining leftovers
Friday - cauliflower pizza (adults), regular pizza (kids)

How about you? Are you dreaming of any future travel plans? What are you up to on Mother's Day, and what's on the menu this week?


  1. The PNW is experiencing gorgeous weather--sunny, high 70's, so I intend to spend the better part of the day playing in my flower gardens.
    Dinner will be steaks on the grill tonight, so I don't have to cook, well, not that much. I made myself a chocolate cheesecake, (it's in the oven now) and marinated the steaks. Beyond that, I'm taking it easy today!

  2. I am dreaming about future travel plans...but trying not to get my hopes up either. Today I am making 2 batches of chicken enchiladas, one for us and one to take to my Mom's. We will go over in the afternoon and sit in her back yard in our lounge chairs and visit. Next weekend we officially can have her over to our place, she hasn't seen all the yard changes yet and it will be so nice to have a proper visit from here on out. Happy Mothers Day!

  3. 've been battling a headache and allergies today, so l tting myself tak eit easy. My older daughter dropped of a cool garden wood art piece se made. The younger made me a lovely lunch of a grilled ham, cheese spinach, and tomoato sandwich and some scrambled eggs. Last week we had already had a big planter basket dropped off for my MIL, but I made cupcakes and am having hubs and youngest bring her some. T hey are vanilla, with fresh strawberries baked inside, plus a sliced strawberry on top. I hope she enjoys. I'm going tp pass going over there as it is cool, and the headache is still not gone

  4. Happy belated Mother's Day! I love that you delivered baked treats to friends and neighbors, I keep hoping that I will free up time to bake some more and gift goodies.

    I was delighted to spend part of my day doing yard work too! It was ever so satisfying.