Sunday, May 17, 2020

Drizzly Sunday

It was beautiful outside yesterday, so I took advantage by going for a run in the morning, and getting more yard work done. Lots of raking, trimming, & tearing down of ivy. The kids helped out for a bit as well, which makes the loading & clean up much easier.

I also made egg roll in a bowl (so easy, & flavorful), went for a run, made a double batch of muffins, juiced a bag of lemons, and cut a pineapple for smoothies. And cleaned the house, although the kitchen needs another pass, after all of that kitchen prep work.

What's on the agenda for today?
  1. Go for a quick run. It's raining, so I'm not particularly jazzed
  2. Package & mail a couple of eBay sales
  3. List a new item on eBay
  4. Figure out my bonus chore of the day
  5. Clean the kitchen (again)
  6. Have the boys call my parents
  7. Make chicken fiesta skillet for dinner
  8. Work on our packing list for the beach house
  9. Read my book 
  10. Talk to M about adding shelving to a few closets
That's it for me. What is everyone up to today?


  1. Sounds like a lovely day.Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's rainy and the other two are on the road to get the college kid moved out so I doubt I will see them before 8 tonight. I need to do a deep kitchen clean, and may do that in a bit, while watching YouTube. My older daughter an dI will meet for walk if it stops raining, and regardless I need to get the dog out so will go with an umbrella. No meals to worry about. If they are hungry when they get home they can pop a frozen pizza in the oven I plan to just snack on fruit and toast hummus and veggies.

  3. Thank goodness for your beach house. No matter what if you can travel between states you can go there. For us, there is a little cabin in Ucluelet right on the ocean, right now they don't want any tourists but by summer I am sure we could go there no problem. It is self contained so we can eat in and not spend too much. Highly doubt our trip to Mexico is happening in November, they ignored the virus until too late and now it is slamming them and they've hardly done any tests