Saturday, February 27, 2021

Positive signs

 I was in a funk for part of February, and it's been hard not knowing what the future looks like. I'm sure all of you can agree, because I'm certainly not alone living with this uncertainty. 

Yesterday, we got the news. Nick's school is returning to a (very part-time) hybrid schedule on April 5th. I cried when I heard. It's been such a struggle for him emotionally. Even a part-time return will bring some sense of normalcy back into his life. Sam is in a different district, so we have no updates on his return, but our county is exiting another tier (moving into a "healthier" bracket), so I'm optimistic that they will likewise announce options.

Moving to another tier also means that there are more social sports options for the boys. They can play soccer games (masked) again, within their own team pod. For the last six months, soccer has consisted only of socially distanced drills, which is, as you can imagine, not quite soccer. ;-) 

Our county has been one of the most conservative in the US, partly because of our case numbers, and partly just an overall conservative approach to COVID. We've stayed safe, and while it's been hard to live through the last year, it does feel like we are seeing glimmers of hope. 

Sam is trying out for the school soccer team on Monday. While it will be very competitive (freshman have a small chance of making the team), it will be the first time he's ever met any of his high school classmates in person What a strange thing, for sure. He's seen a few of the kids on Zoom calls for six months, and will meet them for the first time on the soccer field. 

We also started vaccinating our teachers, and will have another round of vaccines for people with serious medical conditions on 3/15. My parents are likewise getting their second vaccine in Washington next Friday.

I'm feeling so hopeful & optimistic. I know we have a long journey ahead, and we will continue to self test regularly & mask up, but it feels like we're turning a corner.

And with all of that, here's what I'm up to today:

  • Menu planning (we're on the last week of Hello Fresh, although it appears they sent me an "unpause" offer, so we'll see)
  • I'm meeting a friend for a masked walk
  • Sam has tennis lessons
  • I have some gardening projects to work on
  • Cleaning the fridge
  • Laundry
  • M & I are going to an outdoor dinner!
I thought I'd share a photo of our fruit drawer, overrun with neighborhood citrus fruit! I need to start juicing. 

What's one positive sign you've observed recently?


  1. Some of our teachers were vaccinated yesterday, so that is very optimistic. I'm very excited for you and the news about schools in your area. How exciting for the boys too.

    These are such welcoming signs. :)

    1. Such positive signs! Fingers crossed for you to get a vaccine soon.

  2. I could use your fruit drawer to make my fruit and pepper salsa-for now, I am settling for apples, canned pineapple, and clementine's. I'm so happy for Nick and hope Sam gets to get back at least hybrid soon as well, but well done for him trying for the team. Every day, right, day by day.

    1. Yes, each day, slightly better! I'd love a recipe for fruit & pepper salsa - sounds delish!

  3. I'm so glad to see that at least a few of my teacher and healthcare professional family and friends have completed their vaccinations. While I still don't know where we are on a list or what that'll translate to for timing, I'm thrilled that they've gotten theirs.

    We've finally found a family to do safe socializing with, outdoors and masked, getting fresh air and good conversation has been amazing for the adults and getting to bike with a young kid has been great for JB.

  4. So glad for your son that some sort of in person school is about to begin. Isolation is difficult but especially hard for teens who are learning a different set of social skills as they get a little older.

    I had a couple of weeks in mid February when I was overwhelmed with the lake house move, had no help dealing with it, and felt extremely alone. I struggled a few days with depression, and even though it is not clinical depression I was in a serious blue funk. It is not fun.

  5. I am so happy for you. This has been so hard on our kids. I think of the elderly at church that are so isolated and lonely. SO happy for your boys.

  6. I am happy that many of our 65+ friends are getting their second vaccine shots, and teacher friends are getting their first, meaning our social circle is expanding regarding outdoor face-to-face get togethers.

    So happy for you and your boys that things are opening up. If this year has taught us anything, it is how much we need social interaction. And Zoom, while appreciated, is not a substitute for the real thing.

    My husband (now fully vaccinated) is on the east coast with my daughter and granddaughters, so today I'm meeting a girlfriend to go kayaking in the ocean, then have lunch outdoors somewhere on what should be a sunny and high 60's day.

    The one thing I hope does not change after the pandemic is the preponderance of outdoor dining. It has not only felt like a lifesaver, it's been wonderful. Heat lamps help! ☺

  7. Your fruit looks amazing. I am fully vaccinated, court is back in full swing, and they are trying to kill us to make up for the reduced schedule last year. I may retire, but I would really like to keep working for a little less than four more years. I do not know.

  8. I would have cried, too. Such a fragile year this has been. I'm feeling positive about the direction we're in with vaccinations, careful re-openings, etc. Except for a short, dark stretch of "what's the point of life?" last summer, I have found that COVID restrictions have provided me with some important life lessons that I will carry forward into whatever the future holds.