Sunday, November 19, 2017

It's Sunday, and the pantry clean out continues

Today was the end of season soccer, so we wrapped up two games, and then I spent the rest of the day getting stuff done. I cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, and cleaned the bathrooms. Party animal. ;-)

After that, I made yeast rolls & white bean chili & then we went to a pool shop to pick up a replacement part for our pool filter, and then stopped by another grocery store to (finally) find a turkey breast for Thursday. 

I've been making big progress on our pantry clean out as well! Here's the latest:
  • An enormous (25 oz) jar of green olives. Side note: what was I thinking? - Done! Made a giant batch of green olive tapenade, with basil from the garden. Kept some for the fridge, and froze the rest. 
  • 1/3 or so of a package of chocolate breakfast cereal. This is nothing we would allow the boys for breakfast, but I'm open to using it in something a little more snack like. One of our house guests brought this. - used, in a batch of granola bars!
  • The end of a bag of pretzel chips. Used these for these delicious granola bars. 
  • Two 1/2 used boxes of lasagna noodles - Used one 1/2 box, so down to the other half
  • A 1/2 bag of pine nuts. -  Made more homemade pesto. Down to 1/4 of a bag. Those pine nuts go a really long way!
  • Most of a container of almondsused all of it! In pilaf, plus almond butter. 
  • Most of a container of cashews . . . Done! Used to make lots of yummy cashew butter
  • A few bits & bobs of trail mix used, in a batch of granola bars!
  • Most of a large bag of sourdough stuffing. - haven't used it up, but planning to in Thanksgiving. 
  • The last of a bottle of green chile sauce (from the fridge) - used up in chicken fiesta rice!
  • An unopened jar of Nutella turns out this was expired (& had a funky taste), so unfortunately, it was tossed. I have no idea why M bought this way back in the day, but it will never make it on another grocery list, so I feel like we can avoid this type of waste moving forward. 

I've also been using up other stuff that didn't make it onto the original list:
  • Remnants of a bag of trail mix - used in granola bars
  • White chocolate chips - used 1/2 in granola bars
  • Heath bar chips - haven't used yet
  • Walnut oil - used the last of a jar in my pesto recipe
  • Another jar of olives. Yikes.
  • 2 jars of green enchilada sauce - Used one in a white bean chili tonight. 
Looking forward to a more relaxing week ahead, with no school! What about you? Any big plans for this holiday week? 


  1. Still 2 school days and three wirk days here. Impressive pantry management.

    1. I find that granola bars are one of my best recipes for "throwing in" all of the random pantry ingredients. ;-)