Saturday, November 25, 2017

This is what $86 will buy you at Costco

$86.75, to be precise. This is a pretty standard shopping trip for us.

Here's what we bought:

  • 5 dozen eggs - $14.49
  • Red grapes - $8.49
  • Pears - $8.49
  • Feta cheese - $7.39
  • Sandwich rolls - $6.49 (would love to make these myself. We always make our sandwiches into paninis, and I haven't found a homemade roll that stands up to the grill. Any recommendations?)
  • Apples - $6.49
  • Plums - $5.99
  • Milk - $4.89
  • Tortilla chips - $4.59
  • Power greens - $4.49
  • Cucumber - $3.99 x2
  • Pineapple - $2.99
  • Honeydew - $2.59
  • Bananas - $1.39
What does a standard shop look like for you? The eggs will last us a few weeks, but the rest of the food will be consumed this week. We are starting the shopping week with a pretty full fridge (lots of leftovers), but our produce intake remains pretty constant week over week. Love to hear the details of your weekly shop, so please share. :-) 


  1. Since I've been trying to plan shops with meal options, I have one shop a month with basic pantry staples, then weekly fresh shops. We have The odds and ends stops as well. Most gets eaten that same week.

  2. I do the same thing - a once-a-month shop with filling in fresh fruits & veggies as needed. I get all my meat from Zaycon, so always have a STUFFED freezer since you buy it in bulk. I am a terrible impulse buyer, so try to stay out of the stores as much as possible.

  3. There is only one of me, so I never buy that much produce. Well, grapes are $1.99 here, so I don't know what you pay. I usually buy two fruits a week, whatever I am out of. There is always more at home of different fruits.

    I buy mostly what is on sale, not reduced, but low priced this week. Nothing is ever consumed in one week as some of it lasts longer, plus there is meat and a few canned items. I never plan meals, just have food here to I imagine I spend about $75 each month. Some weeks, I only buy milk and bananas. Other weeks see more meat in the cart.

  4. In Canada the same trip at Costco would have been nearly twice as much! So hard to find any bargains these days. I only go to Costco a couple times a month but buy some meat there as well as almost all our OTCs there, that is the primary reason we have a card as it does save us money there