Sunday, November 11, 2018

A chilly Sunday

Our heat is broken, and despite being in California, it's still pretty chill here in the house - 56 right now. BRRR. When he had an air conditioning inspection last week, the repair tech remarked that he had trouble with one of the settings, and fiddled around to get everything to work. I'm guessing that's what the issue is, so we have a call into them. I'll try to focus on the positives - all of the savings we have by bundling vs running the heat! And, we'll be in Hawaii by the end of the week, so it's a short term problem at least.

I'm going to focus on staying positive today, and reducing negative news (Facebook, the news, etc) & negative discussions. I can see myself snapping more at home, as I get frustrated by things people say & do, and it's not healthy. We talk to our kids a lot about empathy & compassion, and I'm going to work on more consistently demonstrating that at home, particularly to my husband. We've both been really stressed with work, and we are just shorter with each other than I'd like. We are a great team, and love each other, and all of that great stuff, but I want to work on cutting down on the sarcasm and snarkier responses. Both for our own relationship, and because our kids are like sponges. Sam is by nature, much more sarcastic than Nick, and it's not great for a 12 year old.

So, with that, here's what I'm going to do today:

  1. Work out. Always makes me feel better. And, since the house is cold, it will warm me up!
  2. Meditate. 15 minutes at least
  3. Call my mom for her birthday
  4. Cook with the kids. Invite their help in the kitchen, and be patient.
  5. Make muffins for M. He loves these, and we can stock the freezer.
  6. Finalize our Thanksgiving plans. We may order a bunch of fresh food to be delivered the night before (we fly home at 10pm the day before Thanksgiving), so we can wake up & start cooking. I enjoy the meal prep.
  7. Clean the house. While not super fun, it makes me feel productive.
  8. Read for at least 30 minutes. 
  9. Help Nick clean his room. 
  10. Pick up a few last minute things for our trip.

What about you? How do you stay focused on the positives when things are negative around you? Would love any tips/tricks you can share. 


  1. Yikes, glad it doesn't get too cold there. Our nights go just above freezing now. We have an electric heat pump for AC and heat (is that what you have?) and then we have a natural gas fireplace - I love having two sources as we still have heat and can cook and shower even if the power goes out as the gas is attached to our bbq as well as our hot water tank. Stay warm and like you say, Hawaii is just around the bend!

  2. I try to do something that is really active, so my blood gets pumping or I do something that makes e feel like I am getting something done. Like ironing and every piece is an accomplishment.

  3. Whew, our heating is out this week too and it was 43 degrees this morning. We survived though! And maybe this will be the cheapest heating bill yet (leaving aside the Climate Credit month).

    Have so much fun in Hawaii!