Friday, November 2, 2018

Frugal Friday

This has been a really crazy week. If I get a vote, I'd prefer that Halloween not fall on a week day, because it leads to schedule madness, & tired kids.

Here are our frugal wins for the week:

  • Made burritos & muffins for the freezer over the weekend
  • Prepped lunch stuff on Sunday evening, for the majority of kid lunches. This was mostly a desire to clean out the freezer, but is also useful for food prep
  • Both kids wore repurposed Halloween costumes, costing us zero out of pocket
  • No meals out this week. We continue cooking on weekends, and eating leftovers during the work week
In non-frugal news, we changed our flights for the holidays to leave on Friday vs Sunday. I'd expected to be on call for work, but plans changed & M really wanted to have more days at our vacation house. It was $500 for the flight changes, although we did receive a $150 credit for future travel, as well as 20,000 miles credited back, which makes it more like a $150-200 adjustment. We're looking forward to additional time on the Oregon coast, and taking advantage of our home there.

 More to come shortly, as I work on our November goals, and we also start to align on our 2019 savings & spending priorities!

How about you? Any frugal wins to report?


  1. My next muffin making will require the freezer as no one eat them after the first day, but I could pull out gradually and warm in the oven. I wish I could predict the trick or treater counts better. 75 last year-30 this year!

    1. M & Sam will eat them cold, out of the fridge, which I find. . . not as great. Nick & I also primarily eat them the first couple of days. The freezer & then re-warming is perfect.

  2. Congratulations on altering your plans for the coast. You can always create more money but you cannot create more time. An investment is time is almost always worth it!
    This is going to be a crazy expensive month for us, so I am just going to hold on to my hat and go through it.

    1. I agree! I need to be better about the experiences spending. We're pretty good, but can create even more opportunities with our family vs buying stuff and/or spending/paying down the houses.