Saturday, November 24, 2018

Black Friday Recap

Nick & I went out in the morning yesterday & got a few deals:

  • We used a $5 off a $15 coupon at the local grocery store. I stocked up on some baking supplies we needed, plus risotto rice. We also picked up the Friday Freebie of Gatorade. Nick was very pleased about that, as he's not allowed Gatorade unless he has soccer & it's 90+. :-)
  • We bought a few discounted gift cards (Uber, Gap, etc). I then used the Gap gift card to order a Christmas gift that my mom asked me to pick up. Additionally, I ordered through eBates to get cash back.
  • I ordered the boys soccer shinguards & new soccer shoes for Sam. His have a hole in them. The shinguards will be part of their Christmas gifts. I ordered from Dick's & used eBates as well for the extra cash back.
  • We went to Costco to pick up our weekly groceries, and found turkey breasts marked down from $30 to $9. They were huge breasts, already seasoned, complete with stuffing & gravy. I couldn't pass that up, so into the fridge it went. I almost bought two, but M wouldn't let me. ;-)
What are we up to today? I couldn't sleep, so I've been up since 3:45. Yikes. I'll definitely regret that this evening. 

  1. I'm on call for work (today & tomorrow), so fingers crossed nothing comes up.
  2. I'm planning to work out
  3. I've turned the remains of the chicken from Thursday into broth, so that's currently cooking away on the stove
  4. I have the turkey in the oven
  5. I'm going to turn the chicken meat leftovers (+ broth) into a turkey/chicken chowder for the freezer & a few meals.
  6. M is painting. We had the house painted when we moved in, but then had to make some adjustments (adding air conditioning panels, etc), so we've been in need of a touch up for a while now.
  7. Laundry
  8. Sheets/bedding
  9. Finalize our 2019 travel plans
  10. Work on my 2019 goals
  11. And, our 2019 budget
  12. Get the boys fitted for skis, so we can look for used options for their Christmas gifts
  13. Clean the house (may get punted to tomorrow)
  14. Clean the fridge
How will you be spending your day today? Any good turkey recipes? I made the Thanksgiving Leftovers in a Crescent Roll recipe yesterday & we all loved it! Definitely worth making. 

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  1. I'm on a break but will swap out one more load of laundry, then heading to our town holiday festival. I got some greenery on our porch and the lights, plus wreath hung-that will be the extent of outdoor decorating. I'd like to do more, but hubs is not so enthused with it, so I do what I am able to do myself. We finished up the last of the chicken noodle from last weekend early in the week, but last night was a pasta fagiole with my older daughters leftover salad from Thursday. When I get home after the parade, I'll boil then frill brats and French fries for an easy supper.