Friday, November 30, 2018

Frugal Friday

It was so nice to have the long weekend after Thanksgiving! Here are a few frugal things we did over the past week or so:

  1. Made chicken broth from bones, & used that (plus leftover chicken) for soup
  2. Found incredibly cheap turkey, stuffing & gravy on clearance at Costco ($30 marked down to $9). Made that for additional meal options
  3. Used Ebates for holiday shopping to earn cash back. If you haven't signed up for Ebates, it's a quick & easy way to earn a bit of cash back on purchases made online. (This is a referral link), in case you want to try it out, although I'm assuming all frugal blog readers are already members!
  4. Found ski pants at Costco. I avoided buying these all last year, and couldn't button my ski pants (these are pre-kiddo ski pants, and were a slim fit at the time). The cheapest I found these at a ski shop was $65 last year, and Costco had them for $22.) Goodness, I love Costco. 
  5. Bought discounted gift cards for things we'll use (Uber, flights, etc).
  6. Called Costco Travel about an issue with our rental car, and they will be sending us a $35 cash card for the trouble. 
  7. Price matched our sheet set, and will get a $19 rebate.
  8. Remembered a gift card that I had for $27 and would be expiring in December. Used it to buy a Christmas gift. Gift was more expensive at the location where I had the gift card, but was still a better deal considering the $27 in credit. 
  9. Paid for a summer camp, earning a 10% discount by booking early.

However, in completely non-frugal news, part of the gift card value I earned was put on a local grocery store gift card. 90% sure the cashier never gave it to me, although I may have dropped it while putting it in my purse. So, $40 of store value, gone. I'm pretty sad about that, but if I did drop it, I hope it went to someone who could really use the groceries.

Lots of frugal things this week, as well as our standard, "eat from the freezer", carpool, etc, stuff.

Quick update on my freezer challenge for the week:

  1. Lasagna. Pan 1 of 2. This will sub in for a couple of dinners this week. - We've eaten 2/3 of this. Will eat last 1/3 tonight. 
  2. Edamame. We have a bag of shelled edamame that will go well with dinner this week, so I'll add it in
  3. Chicken chowder. I'll defrost a bowl & eat it for my lunch on Friday. - Meeting M for lunch, so this will get bumped to tomorrow's lunch. 
  4. Pot stickers. I'll serve them with dinner this week, although this will certainly not empty the bag. - I was wrong, it did empty the bag. Gone!
  5. Wontons. Same as the pot stickers. This will maybe take care of 1/2 the bag. 
  6. Rotisserie chicken. Use one bag for risotto. - planning to make tomorrow night
  7. Chicken broth. Ditto the rotisserie chicken. I'll have to get creative in finding recipes that will move more than one ingredient at a time! - planning to make tomorrow night


  1. That sucks about losing the card, I am always paranoid about that. Otherwise you are doing well on your freezer challenge - and $22 for ski pants is pretty awesome, now you are set for a few years. I am not doing well on my freezer challenge, made too much soup and had to freeze it (but I have easy dinners for a couple days next week). I have decided though that any meat I buy must be consumed within that day or next and not go into the freezer, so hard to not stock up when I see things on sale but that bloody freezer needs defrosting! It's an upright and not frost free

    1. I'm with you - it's so hard not to keep adding to my freezer stash even though I really need to clean it out!

  2. Great goings on the freezer food. I am using something at least twice a week, but I swear the stuff I have frozen is breeding!

    1. I look into the freezer and see things that I've completely forgotten about! What does that tell you?

  3. You did well. I have lost cards and money before and I always hope the same thing. That the person who finds it does so in an act of prayer for a better situation.

    1. Agree! It's a good reminder to do a better job staying on top of stuff (me) & hopefully an act of karma that benefited someone who needed it.