Friday, March 15, 2019

Frugal Friday

What a week! We are in the middle of work changes, & hard conversations. It's also our performance review time. I manage a large team, so this is a big time commitment, on top of the normal "fun".

Here are a few frugal wins for the week!

  • A few grocery deals, including ground turkey for $.50/lb & ground beef for $.99/lb
  • I returned a few items at Rite Aid, and the cashier didn't want to do a split transaction. I'd paid for the original purchase with $10 of gift card, & $6 on my credit card. She refunded the entire $16 back to my credit card, which is more useful to me than the Rite Aid gift card I have to keep track of. 
  • Nick asked for an early birthday dinner, as he has a soccer tournament on his actual big day. It was a dinner out, but we brought our own bottle of wine (bought in bulk, on sale). ;-) 
  • I found $.11 on the ground
  • And, earned $.39 on ebates, when buying Nick's birthday gifts. 
  • I'm working from home today, & saving the commute time both ways.
  • Nick is making his own cookies to bring to the soccer tournament as his birthday treat. He loves to bake! His birthday gift is actually a cookbook. ;-) 

I think that was all for the week. I'm enjoying my $.99 box of lemon ginger tea. It's quite good, and a nice change in the evenings

What about you? What frugal things have you been up to this week?


  1. Great deals on the turkey and ground beef! That was nice of the Rite Aid cashier to refund the money right to your credit card. I would rather have them do that too over a Rite Aid card.

  2. I love that your son got a cookbook for his birthday! One year Son3 wanted an omelet pan and Son2 wanted a really good chef's knife.
    Hope the discussions at work are not too difficult.

  3. We discovered lemon ginger tea on a fluke trying to buy just a lemon tea before our daughters choir scholarship auditioned. It is a new favorite. I'd love it for 99 cents! I love that Nick made his own birthday treat-great skill to develop. Now that DD2 picked a college, she is already talking about how it would be fun to buy the ingredients for baking and have a bake off in her dorm, which has a full kitchen in the communal area.