Sunday, March 24, 2019

Menu Plan & Sunday things

It was a very nice weekend, made easier because I took Friday off. I was able to get a kick start on our chores.

Here's what's on our menu for the week:

  • Friday - M & I went out - date night!
  • Saturday - Egg roll in a bowl
  • Sunday - chicken zucchini alfredo (this was delicious!)
  • Monday - carnitas (freezer)
  • Tuesday - leftover chicken alfredo
  • Wednesday - leftover eggroll in a bowl
  • Thursday - leftover carnitas
It's my 2nd week in a row of crazy late nights. I'm happy to be at least half way through the madness.

Here's what else we did this weekend.

  • Soccer. SO much soccer. Nick is playing for three teams, and Sam is playing for two teams. It's a lot of driving. They are having a ball.
  • Sam attended a birthday party with friends, Magic themed, of course.
  • Running. I ran 4 miles yesterday, & 6 miles today. I really, really need to have more time during the week, so I can spread these out more. My legs are so tired today!
  • Cooking. I made the egg roll in a bowl yesterday (using ground turkey I bought for $.50/lb last week) & I used leftover cooked chicken (freezer) from a pesto chicken dish we didn't particularly enjoy. Now we have plenty of food in the fridge for the week ahead, and we used up things we had on hand. 
  • Planning. I'm working on my sabbatical plans! I need to nail one final decision on our 4th of July plans & logistics, and from there will map out all of the dates & trips. There's a lot of fun on the agenda for this summer. I'm so excited.
And with that, I'm off to relax & watch the rest of a movie with M. Can't wait for this week to be wrapped up & the craziness from work completed. What about you? Any fun new recipes? How was your weekend?


  1. Will the work craziness truly be over? Good for you for still managing to get a run in after that week. We worked so much on the house this week, probably 30 hours each on various projects. We did eat out once this weekend but that was a gift from Mom on Saturday at our favorite greek restaurant as a thank you for driving her all over the place now that she no longer drives. It was excellent as always. Meatloaf ( and salad is on the menu tonight.

  2. $0.50 a lb turkey?? *Swoon* ours is $3/at the cheapest. What usually goes into your eggroll in a bowl? I've never heard of it before this week and now I've heard it twice from two people including you!