Sunday, March 31, 2019

All the soccer

Nick played in three games yesterday, and Sam played in two games. Nick has an additional two games this morning. I'm thinking he may be a bit sore by the end of the weekend. I tried to convince Nick not to play in the third game (it was a game Sam was subbing for), but while I went for a walk during warmups with a friend, he decided to join up. Because. . . well, Nick adores soccer.

It was a long day, & I basically accomplished nothing else other than driving people around. I also splurged & bought them Subway between games. This is something we rarely do, despite all of the driving. It's way too easy for the kids to think of that as an expected solution, vs planning ahead & making meals or snacks to bring with you. Everyone was thrilled with the Subway option.

After soccer, I relaxed for a few minutes, as the weather was finally nice! It was unexpected, and both boys got sunburned during soccer.

I haven't thought of a menu for the week, so let's sort that out now.

  • Sunday - egg roll in a bowl. I have leftover ingredients from last week
  • Monday - I'll make a spaghetti sauce with ground beef & tomato sauce (freezer) to serve this week
  • Tuesday - leftover egg roll in a bowl.
  • Wednesday - leftover spaghetti sauce
  • Thursday - any remaining leftovers, or something from the freezer. So specific, I know. ;-)
  •  Friday - we'll probably do pizza for three of us, and something else for M.
The menu will work down a few freezer items (two packages of $.50 ground turkey, plus two containers of homemade tomato sauce). 

My knee & ankle have been aching all week, so I didn't work out at all. It corresponded well with a crazy work week, but I really need to do "something" this week. Running would be great, but I'm waiting for my new running shoes to arrive. I'm hoping that new shoes will partially solve the problem. We shall see.

Here's what's on the rest of the list for today:

  1. Pick up Nick from a sleepover
  2. Two soccer games
  3. Work out during soccer warmups (walking)
  4. Clean the kitchen. The boys made a cake yesterday. Yikes
  5. Clean the bathrooms. This is the boys jobs, but they need supervision/sign off from me
  6. Vacuum
  7. Build a schedule for the week 
    1. For the nanny
    2. My work schedule for the week
    3. Workout schedule for the week
  8. Shred cabbage. I normally buy a coleslaw mix, but will try to use up the cabbage we have on hand
  9. Make eggroll in a bowl
  10. Make spaghetti sauce for tomorrow's dinner
  11. Research more supportive shoes for work
  12. Have the boys call my parents
That's it for us. Happy Sunday! What is on your to do list today?


  1. A nice drink in the yard by the pool - the best way to end the day.
    Sounds like a super busy day yesterday. I don't know how you do it but that Subway purchase was for sanity :)

  2. Resting is on my to do list as I've Hurt my back on something. Ugh. I hope your knee and ankle are feeling better. Subway Every now and then is nice to have even when you're normally on a budget. We do that every now and then too.

  3. Been there done that with boys and sports. Sometimes necessity demands a Subway stop.
    Have a great week!