Friday, March 8, 2019

Frugal Friday

This was a really challenging work week for both myself & M. It also rained a lot. Why is the rain noteworthy? Our kids bike to & from school, & the route in the rain is not particularly safe. Which means we have to figure out other logistics during the week. Additionally, soccer practice often moves around with almost no notice. Suffice it to say that the rain adds a bunch of logistical/planning work to my day.

Here are our frugal wins for the week:

  • Saved $40 by paying via check for a kid activity vs credit card
  • Sold an unopened phone on eBay for $150
  • All meals at home or free at work/packed, minus an unexpected meal out with four kids. Used a gift card & a coupon to keep the price zero out of pocket. 
  • Picked up books off of the freebie shelf at work
  • Line dried the majority of our clothes
  • Requested a microwave & mini fridge for our room in Hawaii in June. It's a long way out, but they have a limited number, and our available on a first request basis
  • Used a coupon when buying Nick knee pads that he needed for his volleyball team
  • Both boys have grown out of their pants at pretty much the same time. Unfortunately, hand me downs aren't much of an option, as they wear their pants until they are ragged. I was able to get a few replacement pair for $9/each.
That's it for us. Any frugal wins for you?


  1. I found not much was left to pass on from my son either. He got hand me ups when he was in college from his younger cousin though that grew out of clothes faster than my SIL could buy them! Good call on the fridge-the number one vacation saver I find, though we have gotten creative using the ice buckets and plastic bags a few times.

  2. $9 a pair for boys pants is a steal! No real bargains...does drinking homemade wine count? lol

  3. I had only sons and the only pants that functioned as hand me downs were dress pants. There was never a pair of jeans that were not totally worn out.
    Hope you get the fridge and microwave in your room. That can be a major $$$ saver.