Saturday, April 27, 2019

Menu Plan & Soccer

The boys are both in a tournament this weekend, and the tournaments are in separate locations. So far, we are guaranteed six games, with the potential for eight, depending on how things go. It's not going to be a terribly productive weekend, so I'm focused on fitting in a few quick items between games.

One of my goals for this morning was to create a menu plan, so we can go into the week with prepped food. Here's what we're planning to have.

  • Friday - the boys ate at the party for their soccer club, but they were out of food by the time we arrived. We discussed picking something up, but instead, I used the last of the carnitas for a carnitas salad for M, and I had a cheeseburger out of the freezer. Done & done. Plus, I saved the carnitas from the trash.
  • Saturday - time permitting, I'll brown the taco meat between games, & we can have tacos tonight. (Ground beef & tortillas from the freezer)
  • Sunday - chicken kebabs + rice. M is cooking.
  • Monday - leftover tacos
  • Tuesday - leftover chicken
  • Wednesday - any remaining leftovers
  • Thursday - enchiladas (freezer) + chicken for M
  • Friday - the kids will have pizza 
What about you? What are you hoping to accomplish this week? What's on your menu?

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  1. I am meeting with what we are calling "The Rock Hound Guy" on Sunday to see about getting the lot on our new place cleared of rocks before we plant anything. Sadly, he is booked until July, but given the area we need is so small, he might be able to fit us in. I also want to buy some fruit trees to plant there, but as the wind has picked up, (remember those days) I don't see that happening this weekend. It would be cheaper to wait for fall, as the trees go on sale, but I would have to dig through newly sown grass to plant them then. This is one of the few "Is it worth the wait" instances.