Friday, April 26, 2019

Frugal Friday

I was in training for the majority of the week & not at home in the evenings, but we did have a few frugal wins:

  • I track all unexpected money, & divide it between our unfunded goals (mortgage pay down & kids college). I had a stock refund from work (I get stock grants, but sometimes the tax piece results in fractional sales that are added to my paycheck and are always a nice surprise). I almost forgot to do anything with the money, and it would have gone into our regular account. We try to manage our money well, but I find that it "disappears" if we don't have a plan for it. After noticing the money, I diverted $85 into our mortgage, and $150/each for the boys college funds.) 
  • I planned meals for when I was out of town, & left M & the boys with a menu & easy to heat options
  • I had to take an Uber to the training I was attending, as I had a flat tire. (Not frugal, btw) I was able to buy Uber cash for 5% off, so one small savings.
  • I also bought a Home Depot gift card for $12 off of the purchase price via Raise (a gift card reseller) & used eBates, to earn just a bit more back off of that. We have a few expensive house projects planned, so the Home Depot gift cards always come in handy. 
  • We went out for dinner yesterday, as I got home late from training. We did go somewhere where we had a gift card, so our out of pocket spending was minimal.
That's it for us. I'm hoping next week will be even more frugal! What about you? Any big frugal wins?


  1. I mentioned this on my blog in your comment, but the Dining on a Dime Youtube channel mentioned that they had paid off their mortgage this week and are 100% debt free. YOu'll be there sooner too with sending all your unexpected income to your mortgage. Great job. :)

  2. Nope - another expensive week. Buddy is sick so I spent over $150 on a vet visit and meds...he needs his shots whenever he gets better so I expect that will be another $100-$150 :(. Plumber coming today, expect that to be over $100. Crap on a cracker, hopefully next week is cheaper. Our tire place fixes flats for free (if the tire is salvageable) even if you aren't a client - in the hopes that you will buy future tires there. Worked on us!

    1. Unfortunately, a huge bolt went through my tire, & ripped the entire sidewall to shreds. It wasn't salvageable. :-(

  3. I have sewn like a deamon and now almost have enough for another $1000.00 extra on the mortgage.