Saturday, April 20, 2019

Menu planning

It will be a reasonably quite weekend, as we have no sports due to Easter & spring break. I need to drop my parents off at the airport, get in a work out today & hopefully swing in to a shop to return a few things I bought online. (Running shoes)

I'll be in training a few days this week, but here's what I'm thinking about in terms of meals:

Friday - we ordered Persian food & ate at home
Saturday - leftover Persian food
Sunday - M is making chicken kabobs & we will eat it with the leftover rice
Monday - taco salads
Tuesday - leftover chicken kabobs
Wednesday - spaghetti w/meatballs
Thursday -any remaining leftovers
Friday - TBD

Our grocery list is reasonable this week. We need a few types of produce, chicken breasts, milk for the kids, etc. I'm guessing that, if M sticks to the list, our groceries will be about $75. What about you? What are you serving this week? 


  1. Steak and salad tonight (was in freezer), turkey stuffing salad tomorrow, leftovers Monday.....not sure what else after that. 3 days is my maximum meal planning time lol. Happy Easter!

    1. Those meals sound great! Given I'll be gone, I really need to have a few meal options at the ready. I'm able to quickly come up with a dinner, but M will be on his own with the kids, and if I don't plan ahead, it will be dinner out for sure! ;-)

  2. Sinple het and rehetable melas. Probably too much pasta, but I'm going to try to make a pasta sauce from a can of butternut squash soup.

  3. 20th-chicken/green beans
    21st-frozen pizza
    23rd-shrimp stirfry
    24th-beef fajitas
    25th-yoyo (I work late)
    26th-ground beef with taco toppings
    27th-pork chops/veggie

  4. We had our Easter dinner yesterday and will probably do leftovers today as I have some of everything left. Hope you have a good day!