Monday, January 6, 2020

December Goals Recap - how did I do?

As usual, December whizzed by. We had a few great trips (the Oregon coast, time with family & a ski trip to Lake Tahoe). I also had a work trip to London, and we all got through the last few weeks of work & school. Here's how we did with our goals.

1) Financial 

  • Stick to the budget - we were definitely over on our grocery budget, as we stocked up our vacation house, entertained while we were there, and splurged on nice steak for New Year's Eve. Otherwise, the budget was largely as expected. 
  • Make $150 in side hustle - I made $33.53, which isn't much to write home about. However, I also paused all of my eBay sales, as I was traveling & didn't want to fuss around with it. 
  • Sell three items - I did sell three items - a jacket that I bought for Sam that didn't work out, and a few items on ThredUp. 
  • Use 8 freezer items - I crushed this & used up 17 items! My freezer looks so much better. As a bonus, I also used up a few lingering items at our vacation house. 
  • Use 5 irregular pantry/fridge items - I think I did okay, but didn't track this one well. 
  • Finalize our 2020 budget - yes, it's done!

2) Family - spend more time together as a family

  • Do one fun activity with the kids - we had a bunch of nice walks on the beach, & beach frisbee. 
  • Off the computer by 7:45 each evening - I rarely used my laptop the last couple of weeks of the year, and did okay earlier in the month. 
  • Have two dates with M - we had one date night, but my sister came along. I'll still count it. ;-) We also enjoyed a nice long stroll on the beach. 
  • Continue with Sam's plan - I set up an appointment for the doctor in January, as a follow up. 
  • Deep clean the entire house - nope, but this is happening next week!
  • Finish door project, and budget/plan for trim - sadly, one door was again broken before installation. We've been waiting for this project to be completed since JUNE. I still haven't heard back on when we should expect the last door. :-( 
3) Fitness/health - I'm just going to laugh at all of these December fitness goals!
  • Run 10 times
  • Track calories - 1400/day
  • Work out 30 times
  • Meditate 10 times

4) Personal/creative
  • Do two social things - I had fun with my sister when she came to visit us at our vacation house. 
  • Volunteer 1x - I tracked down the correct forms so our soccer club could continue to get gift matching through my employer. 
  • Journal 15 times - I journaled 6 times, as I wasn't on my laptop for much of the last two weeks of the year. 
  • Read one non-fiction book - I'm about 1/3 of the way through with one. 
  • Set 2020 goals - Yes, I have them ready to go. 

So, all said, December pretty much went as expected. The critical items were done. And, not to sound like a cliche, but i ate all of the yummy things, and drank plenty of wine. My clothes are feeling snug & I need to get back to a much cleaner eating plan.

How about you? How did you do with your December goals? Any big wins? 


  1. I love I am just going to laugh at all the fitness goals. Just like I am going to start my diet and exercise program every night.

    1. December was not great for my fitness, shall we say