Saturday, January 4, 2020

Frugal Friday/Spendy Saturday

We are now back from skiing, and trying to get the house unpacked after two different trips. Laundry is everywhere, ski clothes & gear litter the house. There wasn't a ton of snow in Lake Tahoe, but good times were had by all. We had a great New Year's Eve at the cabin we rented, and had a lot of laughs as a family. Skiing is not for the faint of heart (driving, gear, packing/unpacking, $$$$$$) but we love the active family vacation. Although it wasn't cheap (at all, at all), here are a few frugal wins from the last week or so:

Saving on things we buy

  • We used a $10 Costco offer to earn a gift card. This came in the mail, with a reminder to set up our membership to auto renewal. Typically, I'm opposed to auto renewal, but given we will definitely renew our membership next year, it makes my life easier to have it set up to renew on my credit card. And, we earned a $10 Costco card to boot.
  • I took advantage of a BOGO50 sale at Target to buy a few new bras. My others have given up the ghost, so this was well timed.

Earning money

  • I found $.35 on the ground during skiing. 
  • I've paused all of my eBay sales, so haven't made any side hustle recently. However, I did relist all of my sales today, and added four new items. 
  • M played a few hands of craps while we were waiting to meet friends for dinner. He made enough to cover: the kids time at the arcade, dinner, and a few hundred extra. 

Avoiding spending

  • We returned a couple of Christmas gifts that didn't work out.
  • We packed snacks & drinks for the car ride both ways (our house is 4-5 hours from Lake Tahoe).
  • We forgot our backpack the first day of skiing, but remembered to bring it the 2nd & 3rd day. While the kids prefer a hot lunch, they are so hungry that they also eat the sandwiches, trail mix & treats we pack. I opted for a packed PB&J one day, and split with M two of the days. Food at the ski resorts is crazy pricey. Think, $80 for a casual lunch.
  • We made our own dinners 3 of 4 nights, and met up with friends for a quick bite another night. We packed our own food in a cooler, and brought back the leftovers. 
I can't describe the mountain of laundry that's all over the house. Even though the unit we stayed in came with a washer & dryer (and, I used it!) we came back one day earlier than planned, to give us more time at home before work & school starts again on Monday. I'm thrilled with the bonus time, but because we were packing up, I didn't have a chance to run a load of laundry. Each skier has a base layer (top & bottom), socks, fleece, ski pants, glove liners, etc. Most of it can't be dried, so it's line drying all over the house. It looks very glamorous around here.

My to do list for this weekend:
  1. Take Nick to soccer - x2
  2. Costco
  3. Wash the car we took skiing (M will handle this)
  4. Order Nick's birthday gift while it's on sale
  5. Return 2 Amazon items
  6. Buy a new bra
  7. Buy bows for next Christmas. We haven't bought any in a decade or so, and now we are out/the old ones have fallen apart.
  8. Laundry
  9. Repack ski bags
  10. Relist all eBay items
  11. List new eBay items
  12. Go to the gym
  13. Decide if I'm keeping new winter boots
  14. Investigate summer camps
  15. Figure out February break plans
  16. Close out the books on 2019 spending
  17. Build 2020 fitness tracker
  18. Review/post December goals
  19. Post January goals
  20. Update 2020 goals

There's more, but that's all I can think of for now. Too tired! ;-)  Hope you all had a fabulous New Years, and are ready to tackle 2020!


  1. I remember some family ski trips when we declared the last day ski free just so I could get the clothes laundered and line dried before packing to come home.

  2. Great job on the earnings and savings. We don't ski but two years ago we tried out snowboarding in a package that included all gear and instructions. It was fun but probably not repeated. I feel like that with gear in the summer when camping or even just a day trip to the beach. Happy new year! We are also back to the school routine, starting soccer practice again on Sunday.

  3. Visiting from Frugal Things Every Day. Nice to meet you!

  4. I haven't used bows in a long time. I use wire edged or organza ribbon, or a bit of a tinsel garland made into a tassel, and save it from year to year. This year, I didn't use a single gift box either. I recycled all mine before our move, and refused to buy new ones. Clothing was wrapped in paper alone.
    Our tasks consist of installing Turbo Tax, and preparing for the return of school on Monday. I am also making progress on my husband's Christmas gift--he received fabric and a picture of a pattern for a quilt I will make. The fabric came from my stash--big spender, no?

  5. I am visiting from Frugal Things Every Day. Enjoyed your post. I too have already started to look ahead to summer camps and scheduling. Luckily my daughter is a counselor so cost is free!

  6. That's quite a task list after vacation. I got stuff done around hete, but dealing with a sick dog and still not well husband is consuming time.

  7. Glad you had a lovely Christmas and ski holiday. Holidays are lovely but the aftermath is sometimes huge, especially when you're the one responsible for the laundry :) Happy 2020!