Saturday, January 25, 2020

Saturday updates

I fell asleep (with my clothes on) Friday night around 7 pm, and then couldn't fall asleep at all last night. Jet lag really interferes with my routine & habits, but I'm hanging in there & hoping it's a problem that's quickly resolved this week. 

I leave for another trip on Tuesday (I never do back to back trips, so this is unusual). This trip is in Arizona, and domestic trips are even more unusual for me. Additionally, it's a training class that involves breaks for physical activity & down time, so I'm hoping it's manageable to have the two back to back. It is hard with the kids & M, so I'll try to make sure there is plenty of family time this weekend & next.

I can't believe January is almost over! I have no work trips in February (we are going to Whistler over ski break), and then a trip to London in March. Beyond that, I'm hoping to also avoid travel in April, as my entire team is flying to me that month. 

We have started to get graduation information (8th grade graduation) for Sam, as well as high school registration details. M handled the task of standing in line to drop off all of our registration information last week. He described it as "long and painful", but given he rarely handles this type of kid stuff, I'm sure it was a bit overwhelming. Sam & I will head to a class registration night mid-February, and he will select his electives for his freshman year. Honestly, it is both overwhelming & I can't believe he's going to be starting his freshman year soon. Craziness.

We are also locking our summer travel plans, and trying to get things pinned down for the rest of the year. It's our 15th anniversary in October, so we are hoping to attach personal travel to one of my work trips to Europe. Normally, I'm all about getting the dates secured, but I'll need to wait to closer to the trip to know when I can plan dates for London. It will need to be a bit more ad hoc than I'd prefer. More to come on that.

So, what am I up to today? Here's what's on the schedule:
  1. Take the kids to running club & go for a run myself
  2. Foam roll my back. My back is aching from all of the travel. It hurts to lay down, so I need to get this sorted.
  3. Laundry. It just piles up in my absence
  4. Make a Costco list
  5. Vacuum
  6. Clean the bathrooms
  7. Clean the kitchen
  8. Make a packing list for Tuesday
  9. Defrost chicken for tonight's meal (Nick is making stir fry)
  10. Menu plan for the rest of the week
That should do it. What about you? What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Maybe it is time to teach your boys how to do their laundry? Ours did their own from 13 on(with understanding they did not do ours, just their own) or at least when you're traveling. My 2019 and 2020 plans are a bit up in the air - Mexico end of March then not sure after that. We were supposed to go to Ottawa to see Kid#1 and GF but it seems they are getting engaged and wedding next summer so we might delay that trip

  2. Traveling is hard with a family. but at least the boys are old enough to be some what self sufficient. I need to catch up on laundry and go grocery shopping also and I went no where.

  3. Jet lag is awful! I hope you get your rhythm back soon. That is a very big list but I am sure you will get it done. Enjoy your time with your family this weekend.

  4. The jet lag from traveling can knock it out of you for sure. It takes me a few days to recover from any kind of trip like that. Sounds like a busy weekend for you. I have plans to get ready for this upcoming work week. I hope you have a good week.