Sunday, June 7, 2020

A lovely Sunday ahead

I'm optimistically planning for a lovely day today. It's supposed to be sunny, but cool (high of 67 or so), before it warms up again.

I mentioned that I'd been working on some large yard projects, and then we'd hire professionals to wrap up the rest. They came yesterday, and the yard looks amazing! I usually have a bit of regret when we spend a chunk of money on things like this, but after seeing all of the effort, high quality & results, no regrets at all. Seven of our neighbors stopped by to get a card from the service we used, so it seems like many people were impressed. It gave me great pleasure to walk around last night & see how tidy the house looks. Woohoo! We also have the tree service coming on Monday to trim a 50 foot pine tree (not ours, but blocking all of our plants, and dropping enough pine needles on our property to kill even the hardiest plants. Also, in our neighborhood, roof rats exist, and they love building nests in large pine trees. This will also get rid of that. Ick)

What am I up to today, other than admiring the yard?

  • One workout, potentially pilates
  • A few walks around, to enjoy the sunshine
  • Make muffins
  • Help M with a shelving project (I'm in charge of emptying & putting back. He's doing the actual building).
  • Clean the kitchen
  • List all remaining items I can find on eBay
  • Pack for our trip
  • Call my parents
  • Build my schedule for the week
  • Sit outside & read my book!
What about you? What plans do you have for today?


  1. I am seriously thinking when we finally do the patio, we'll have the whole back yard cleaned up and fixed as well-everything pulled, re-sodded and old stumps removed. We just are not yard people and the pros can make short and tidy work of it. We are fine with the front-just let the back get out of control.

  2. Ug roof rats, ground rats are bad enough (I think we've gotten rid of our creatures since hubby relocated them in live traps to a park a few km away, no sign since). Glad payment for your landscapers was worth it. We are going to hire a company to remove the moss from our roof as think that is worth it plus don't want hubby attempting to do that and neither do I.

  3. I had some hopes for today being a more active day but listening to my body means it'll be more of a rest day. Which has to be ok because the week is so packed with demands, I won't make it if I force myself to do the same on weekends. I am trying to find more cheering and happy things for the day though.

  4. I had every intention of getting up at the crack o' dawn, and working outside. However, my daughter's cat decided to break her water on our bed around 2:30 a.m. She spent another 30 minutes wandering around looking for a place to have her babies, with me barring her from the bed. By 3:00 a.m. she was on some towels on the floor of the master bath linen closet. I got our bed changed and back to sleep until about 4, when I woke up to see her delivering her first baby. By 6 a.m. we had four kittens. Figuring that was it, I went back to sleep again, waking at 8:30 to count 6 kittens. Mother and babies doing fine.

  5. I just love to sit back on the porch and look at the yard when it's been worked on. Such a satisfying feeling for sure. Glad you had a good Sunday.