Saturday, June 13, 2020

Menu planning, and a rainy Saturday

We got to the Oregon coast around 6 pm last night, making the drive in almost exactly 13 hours. It was a reasonably easy trip, with minimal drama due to fewer cars on the way. As soon as we crossed the Oregon border, we enter super thick fog in a construction zone, with lots of hills & one lane. That was pretty much the diciest part of the drive.

We brought masks, gloves, wipes, hand sanitizer, and tried to avoid others as much as possible. All told, it was an easy drive, for which I'm always grateful. Let's never forget the drive home through a wild fire.

Of course, the wifi set up failed to work, so a tech will be dispatched to our house on Tuesday afternoon. We both have to work Monday & Tuesday, so it should be interesting to see how tethering off our phones will work for a video call.

As for today, M got up & went for a run. It was raining by the time I dragged myself up (getting up at 4 on Friday meant I was bushed & over slept), the rain had begun. I only need one more run this week, and tomorrow looks good. So, tomorrow is the plan for a cool & flat run. Looking forward to it.

I've been going through the house, taking stock of what we need, what we have, & what we should make for the menu. My parents arrive on Monday, we will all celebrate M's birthday, and then they will head to their house with the kids on Tuesday morning. From there, M & I will be alone for a few nights, until I pick up my sister on Saturday.

Here's the menu that I'm thinking of, for the moment:

Friday - we had tacos/taco salad
Saturday - salmon + spaghetti & meatballs (kids)
Sunday - grilled chicken & rice
Monday - (M's birthday) - steak & crab cakes, maybe with a mozzarella/nectarine/basil salad. And, cake
Tuesday - burgers (freezer)
Wednesday - leftover salmon
Thursday - leftover chicken
Friday - takeout

That's it from our side. What's on the menu at your house?

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