Friday, June 26, 2020

Frugal Friday

We are working from home at our vacation house, and are enjoying the change of pace while still staying safe.

Saving on things we buy:

  • Can't really think of anything. We made a menu, bought things off of our list, and tried to avoid spending beyond that. For food, we've been eating well:
    • White chicken chili soup
    • Eggroll in a bowl
    • Carnitas
    • Carnitas nachos (oh, yes! So delicious)
  • We did buy some alcohol in California before we drove here, as the taxes make is significantly cheaper. Less expensive happy hour! 
  • We also picked up a few items we needed here, as there's no sales tax.

Earning money:

  • Sold patio chairs & a waffle maker on the local Facebook site, making $60

Avoiding spending

  • We've done low key activities like walks on the beach, runs through the state park, playing rummy, and watching movies. 
  • I used mint that I wrapped in a wet paper towel when we left California, and it was still fresh. I like to use it in water with a bit of lemon juice.
  • Worked out with a free yoga video, on a drizzly morning

That's it from our side. What frugal wins have you had lately?


  1. Nice! It sounds like your beach trip is near perfect!

  2. Not much frugal here, was a spendy week with a big grocery shop in person where I probably spent at least $50 more than if I had ordered online as it was so refreshing to put whatever I wanted in the cart (completely unlike me). I sold an old flag that I had previously bought at the thrift store for $3, used one year then realized it was too faded. Put on bidding site for free and it got bid up to $6 so doubled my money (ha ha enough for 2 loaves of bread) but hey, you need to count that as a win! Mint - I need to grow some. I can't drink still but like the idea of it in water