Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Down time at the beach

I've been getting the house in shape before my parents are back with the kids. The quiet has been amazing, but I miss them. The weather was a bit dreary today, but I walked to the beach. Just can't resist.

I sold a couple of items on Facebook, found my grandparents old fishing floats to take home & sell, cleaned the track of the patio door, took a bath (we don't have a working tub at home), worked out & went for a walk. A lovely & relaxing vacation day.

M & I are working on our anniversary plans (15th, meant to be in Italy in October), & deciding what a good back up plan might be.

What about you? How are you spending the day?


  1. I worked from about 7:20 to 5:20, but had to run an errand to get a prescription/ Then we had nothing I felt like making for dinner plus the dof was out of food, and $96 later I had a few meals worth of food, plus a lot of other this and that I'll stick in my Thursday post. It is so hot and humid today, I'm holding off taking the dog until it cools down.

  2. Glad you have some down time. That is what vacations are really for isn't it?

  3. It sound so relaxing and I could use some of that right now. Our 53rd anniversary is a week before yours. I think will just celebrate at home. Hubby will not go into a restaurant. So I will make a nice meal for us.