Monday, June 1, 2020

Menu plan Monday

We've been a bit scattered with our menu the last few days, so I'm trying to correct that. Here's what we're having (have been having)

  • Friday - I made naan pizza with pesto parsley, made M cauliflower crust pizza, and Nick made the kids pasta
  • Saturday - our plans fell apart, so we did takeout Greek food. The restaurant has been very consistently good for 5+ years, but the food was very disappointing this time. I'm wondering if they have a new chef, have adjusted recipes based on availability, etc. It was pricey before, so not worth the price. 
  • Sunday - tacos (and, salmon for M)
  • Monday - I'm planning on some sort of a mahi mahi recipe. I'm thinking of this one
  • Tuesday - leftover tacos
  • Wednesday - lubia polo (freezer)
  • Thursday - pasta & meatballs
  • Friday - TBD
That's it for us. What's on your menu for the week?


  1. Don't you hate it when a favored restaurant disappoints?
    I am decidedly not in a cooking mood, and haven't been for several days. Country fried steaks are planned for tonight, which is always a hit with the family, but while it's not complicated, it requires a lot of work, so we shall see how I feel later in the day. At some point this week I will make baked salmon to serve with rice and salad. I have leftover steak from Friday which will get turned into a cottage pie at some point later on. Beyond that, I have no clue. Kids have sort of gone off eating as well, it seems. I think they are bored.

  2. I love reading menu plans. It inspires me to get creative and try new meal ideas.

  3. I keep commenting everywhere that I am tired of cooking and meals are haphazard at best. Maybe this week I'll intentionally be haphazard and then start planning again next week. I'd be sad about the disappointing meal. Take out is a precious experience these days.