Friday, June 19, 2020

Frugal Friday

It was our first week at the beach, and it was lovely! We had my parents for a few meals (lunch & dinner on Monday, plus breakfast on Tuesday) & had a nicer dinner than normal for M's birthday. Steak & crab cakes + cake. Yum!

Here are the frugal things we got up to.

Saving on things we buy

  • Used a BOGOF offer at Subway to pick up two foot long subs for $7 on the drive to Oregon
  • Used Starbucks rewards to buy breakfast on the drive
  • Called our wifi company to get a $10 adjustment to our account. The service wasn't working at the start of the billing cycle (they had to send a tech to activate something at the street), but managed to bill us anyway. I had that adjusted, and saved a bit. 

Earning money

  • Found $.10 on the ground
  • Haven't sold them yet, but listed two outgrown bikes on Craigslist Changed my mind, and gave these to my dad. He manages a local bike park (volunteering) in his small town, and brought his bike rack & took them home. He can always find local kids who need a free bike. Win/win
  • Looked through the vacation house & found quite a few things to sell, once we're back home
  • Listed a few bigger items on Craigslist, that we no longer need

Avoiding spending:

  • This is our standard process, but for Father's Day & birthdays this week, we used recycled gift bags
  • We also made our own cards (I buy colorful, blank note cards in bulk) for the birthday  Father's Day as well
  • I finally figured out a better option for our supply closet (think toilet paper, soap, cleaning supplies, etc). It's always hard to know how much we have, as other people come to stay. Our previous closet was a top shelf in the garage, and I couldn't see into it without a step stool, and the closet was so deep, you couldn't see most of the back. Instead, I've re-arranged a bunch of stuff, and put everything in  a hall closet in the house. It's amazing to be able to see what we have plenty of, what we're running low on, etc. Not sure why it took me 10+ years to do it. :-)

The kids left with my parents on Tuesday, and are mountain biking, playing the guitar, and baking. Good times are being had by all for sure. M & I are working during the day (and, long days, as it's my APAC week, which includes both mornings for India, as well as evenings for Japan & Korea), but taking breaks to go out on the deck & have a cocktail in the evening, over a game of rummy. It's been so nice.

What frugal wins have you had this week?


  1. Great price for the Subway! That was so nice of you to donate the bikes to your Dad and how great that he volunteers a service like that. So wonderful.

  2. Glad you got your internet sorted and that you are getting a break while working at the same time. It took years to get our house organized until last year when we added so much storage to our house, I think it's an ever evolving process. Enjoy your kid free time!

  3. Sounds lovely and wish I was there. Well not for the work, but for the cocktail on the drek part. Sweet of you to donate the bikes.

  4. Sometimes just giving things away rather than trying to resell or return if a new purchases, is the better move. I love thinking aobut two kids enjoying a new to them bike. I am sure your boys and parents will have a great time together. I echo Belinda-good deal on Subway, though at that age, my teenagers could practically eat a whole foot long themselves.